Racists USA are proud to Assad and Gaddafi and say “Yes, the barrels!”

U.S. authorities have identified the young man who was driving the car that crashed into a crowd of opponents of the far right in Charlottesville, Virginia. On his page in Facebook, it was stated that he is a fan of Bashar al-Assad and Adolf Hitler.

In addition, the social media pages there were images and video, which can be seen as far-right Americans declare their support for Bashar al-Assad and Muammar Gaddafi.

Assad and Gaddafi

A journalist writing for New York Magazine and the Huffington Post, Yashar Ali said that the accused in the incident, 20-year-old James fields posted on his page in Facebook photo of Bashar al-Assad with the words: “the Undefeated”.


A picture posted on the Facebook page of James Fields who ran his car through the crowd in Virginia today. pic.twitter.com/xGB4vclsFG

— Yashar Ali (@yashar) 13 Aug 2017

Ali also noted that on his page there are other publications that praised Nazism (racial superiority), racist remarks about the African-American population. Among them you can see the images of soldiers, to develop American flag, flags with the swastika, and the baby picture of Hitler.

This is not the first case when the supporters of the extreme right are showing their support for Assad. As you know, they also support people like Hitler, Putin and Gaddafi.

Editor of the website Buzzfeed Brandon wall has published in his Twitter account video, which depicts the ultra-right young people, one of whom is wearing a t-shirt with the name of the company supplying the Assad regime “barrel bombs”. On video it is audible as he says: “Assad has done nothing wrong, the mistake was the overthrow of Gaddafi. Yes — “barrel bombs”!


“Assad did nothing wrong” — Baked Alaska at UVA tonight. “Barrel bombs, hell yeah!” pic.twitter.com/GCsR5oy1ts

— Brandon Wall (@Walldo) August 12, 2017

Old relationship

The relationship between the regimes in Syria and Iran and the ultra-right continued for several decades. Modes justify this relationship by right-wing hostility toward the Zionist movement, while completely disregarding their position in relation to Arab and Muslim immigrants and Islam in General. So, the most famous leader of the far right in the United States David Duke, head of “the Ku Klux Klan”, despite statements full of hatred towards Muslims, has strong ties with the Assad regime. During one of his visits to Syria, he said: “Assad is a hero of this time, he fights against demonic forces that seek to destroy humanity. God bless Assad!”

Criticism of trump

On the other hand, the US President, Donald trump has become the object of harsh criticism for his statements about the events that occurred in Virginia during a March of right-wing. In particular, in his speech, trump has condemned what he called “violence from many sides,” but did not say anything specifically about the far right. According to the BBC, the Republican Senator Cory Gardner said: “Mr President should call the bad guys by name. It was racist, and they committed a terrorist act at the local level.” The same criticism came from representatives of the Democratic party. Also a few politicians-Republicans, including Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio described the incident as “terrorist act”.

“Get out of here!”

As a result of collision of the car with a crowd killed one woman, 19 people were injured. The car crashed into the demonstrators, which was organized in response to the right-wing March in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia.

American TV channel CBS News, citing local police, reported that the incident took place during a rally in Charlottesville, which was attended by hundreds of right-wing Americans. The demonstration was held under the slogan “Unite the right!”. The American government (according to CNN) have established the identity of the culprit in the incident. The accused name is James Alex fields, he was 20 years old, he is from maumee, Ohio. According to the representative of the County jail the Albemarle-Charlottesville Martin Coomer, which contains the accused, he will be charged with murder in the second degree, with wounding with intent and failing to prevent the accident that caused the death of people.

Hundreds of the extreme right gathered on Saturday in the framework of the March “Association right”, protesting against the demolition of the monument to one of the heroes of the civil war who fought on the side of the southerners.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that the only thing he can tell the ultra-right, who came to Charlottesville, so it’s: “Get out of here.” Some observers believe that electing trump as President of the country was the reason for the intensification of right-wing throughout the United States.