How you get rid of fleas in Pets: effective ways

Such drugs have a complex effect, protecting dogs from fleas and other parasites reports

Here are a few effective ways:

1. Shampoos.

Apply for getting rid of fleas, treat the rash and restore the dog’s coat. They can also provide recovery antiallergic effect, eliminates itching and a drop-down wool. Such drugs can be based on natural herbs and oils. Shampoo insecticidal actions contribute to quick and quality pest control. But they are toxic, can cause redness, excessive salivation, vomiting, allergic when they overdose. The product is applied to wet hair for 5-7 minutes then carefully rinse. The procedure preferably to be supplemented by combing dogs.

2. Drops.

It is considered the most effective tool in the treatment of dogs for fleas. The composition of these drops you must have selamectin, fipronil, permethrin. Typically, the droplets have a complex effect. A liquid substance applied to the skin of the animal in the shoulder area that prevents licking of the drug. Due to the penetration of active substances into the skin and blood is excretion of insects for a few things. The effect of the drug lasts for about 4 weeks. It must be remembered that the application of the flea drops is forbidden to puppies, pregnant and nursing animals.

3. Sprays.

Spray is sprayed throughout the animal and is effective against fleas. But he also has disadvantages: maybe getting into the dog’s eyes, the licking of an animal drug. Treatment should be done in a ventilated area and wear rubber gloves. And the animal, after applying the product must stay dry for two hours. Side effects can manifest itself in malaise, allergic reactions, dermatitis, hair loss, vomiting, nervousness, and difficulty breathing.

4. Collars.

Are the most common remedy for removing fleas from dogs. They save as from parasitic insects, and serve as a means of prevention. Collars are used around 4 months, after which they are replaced with new. Scaring blood-sucking parasites is due to the absorption of the active substance in the superficial layers of the skin. This tool is quite convenient to use: the collar fit the neck of the animal with an interval of half an inch, to be worn on the dog, and all the excess cut off. But, unfortunately, the collars are highly toxic. They are contraindicated in puppies under 6 months, pregnant and lactating dogs with kidney and nerve disease. Sock collars can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions, vomiting, poisoning and even shock.

5. Chewable tablets.

Are not too popular way to rid dogs of fleas. The medication is added to dog food. Dosage must match the annotation to the drug. This tool can provoke allergies and have a negative impact on the Central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.

The treatment of dogs against fleas should have an umbrella effect, destroying fleas not only on the animal but also in the room. Without animal fleas live for up to eight months. These parasites can be behind baseboards, furniture, and in cracks of the floor. Therefore, the necessary sanitary-hygienic treatment of the room.