Pornographic actress refused to remove the infected giant implants, choosing a career

The adult film star refuses to remove breast implants size 4000cc, despite the infection, which of the right breast was all fluid, according to “life” with reference to the Daily Mail.

47-year-old Elizabeth Starr had an operation for breast enlargement in 1999. At that moment, the girl hoped that she will more work as a model. For this she inserted the polypropylene implants with a volume equivalent to three gallons; they had to absorb moisture from the body and then another increase.

However, a staph infection has led to the fact that her right breast was badly swollen and now constantly follows not the excess fluid. Surgeons get a woman to remove the implants, but she doesn’t want to part with their breast size.

“I realized that my chest is something wrong when a few days after surgery it is very swollen and red. Then the surgeon cut out the infected tissue. But gradually the infection destroyed the skin, making the implant under the hole,” says Elizabeth Starr.

Elizabeth more than 60 times under the knife and spent 260 million dollars to fix the defect, but her breast still continues to grow and bleed.