From trump we received mostly compliments

The sad part is the description of the Polish political regime reads: “the Poles do not die for money or their land, the poles are ready to die for one compliment”. Trump brought Warsaw to a whole set of compliments, which he demonstrated to the poles in a flattering speech on the topic of Polish history written by professional traders with compliments.

As the Krasiński square, where he performed, came (or were brought) mainly supporters of the party “law and Justice” (PiS), the President Andrzej Duda (Andrzej Duda) have the opportunity to hear it not only in his address, which he has lately confronted more and more, but also to politicians of the party “Civic platform” (PO) and Lech Walesa.

The real political achievements

The visit trump had two aspects: political and ideological. This policy (in Poland we have already started to forget how it might look) is not inflaming passions, and the work on the public welfare, safety, possibility to realize own interests. In political terms, the positive result of the visit trump can be called a signing (another) agreement of intent regarding the purchase of Patriot. It is good, even if Macierewicz Anthony (Antoni Macierewicz) and its defense Ministry as usual lied, and we get the latest modification, is designed for the best friends of the United States, and less than perfect intended for other allies, which America wants, rather, to make money, not caring about their real protection. So will it be in any case better than spending the entire military budget on the Troops of the territorial defence and construction in the garrison chapels in memory of the Smolensk disaster. Even a relatively older model of the Patriot, guarantees us more security or, more likely, will be something of a geopolitical light hint.

But once we have Patriot from the United States to appear and helicopters from the European Union, because America and the EU is complementary partners, especially as Europe begins the formation of the defence policy and proceeds to its funding. If Kaczynski (Jarosław Kaczyński) and Macarevich exclude Poland from cooperation within the EU, they will cut the Polish military industry from European technology and money. However, the party “law and Justice” not able to think comprehensively, so she chooses America, opposing our country to Europe.
In political terms, it is good that the trump mentioned in Warsaw on the Fifth article of the Washington Treaty (which promises that NATO will not leave unanswered the assault on one of its members). However, we should not forget that the only factor that prevents trump from the Pro-Putin policy, are not beliefs, and the investigation of the American Congress which focuses on the relationships of the President and his team with the head of the Russian Federation, and also clarifies, did Putin’s secret services and hackers support the Republican candidate in the election. If the investigation comes to the end, trump will hold, we will see a new “discharge”, the victim of which would be Ukraine and other countries of our region.

In political terms, well, that the American tanker was brought to Poland some American gas, because each alternative source of energy increases the level of security of a country that can’t provide for their needs in this area, and at the same time misses a chance to gain a little more independence with the help of EU money intended for the development of renewable energy. Meanwhile, the people born and bred slaves, will marvel that the only American tanker (it’s a gift from Big brother), ignoring the fact that real energy security will provide Poland a joint energy policy within the EU, the creation of which she participated. Thanks to this policy, even the Russian gas supply to Germany in a terrible terrible “Nord stream”, becoming the European gas, which can be re-exported through Poland to Ukraine, when the Russians want to put the Ukrainians on their knees, cutting off the supply. All this pales in comparison with the tanker from the USA.

Trap of love on ideological grounds

Honestly, love the Polish right-wing forces to Trump it seems to me disgusting, but this does not mean that I am a supporter of the ideological hatred of America. NATO and the EU are two pillars of Polish security and development, and a key member of the Alliance are the USA, including USA trump. Using America against Europe (especially in Poland) has no meaning except ideological. Praising in Warsaw, the Polish “Solidarity” and the Polish underground state (clandestine military, political and civilian organizations, combined into a single clandestine entity that existed in Poland during the Second world war — approx.TRANS.), Trump at the same time started a trade war, the enemy which will become for him not only China, but also Europe.

Poland — an EU member, and not the 51st state of the USA and the interests of the European community should stand her in the first place. If you focus on interests, not on ideological cult, in a trade war with the European Union America must be our opponent. The EU, preparing for a trade war with the Americans, signed a free trade agreement with Japan, which also finds US weakest and most unpredictable link in the modern liberal West.

I would prefer to see America trump and the rest of the West did not engage in confrontation, but if the Americans provoke it, we have to choose a side. Some time ago Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Prime Minister Beata Szydlo (Beata Szydło) promised Theresa may that they would try to weaken the EU position in negotiations on the subject of Breccia, although Poland remains a member of the European community, not leaving him along with the UK. In other words, the people who now run Poland, declare that they will act against the interests of Poland. I fear that in a hypothetical trade war, America’s trump with the EU camp Kaczynski and Szydlo also make the choice not in favor of our national interests.


The Americans, especially when they enter a phase of “America First”, very rarely need partners, and more often looking for mercenaries. Then they throw them as poles after the Yalta conference, or South Vietnam after his flight from Saigon. When the first martial law after weeks I, a young puppy, listened to coming through the “jamming” of Radio “Freedom” by President Reagan, which was scattered in compliments to the brave and courageous Poland, “Solidarity”, I knew that I should become a mercenary of the Americans in their struggle with the Soviet Union and the Eastern block — out on the street, distributing samizdat, providing disobedience communism (the same Reagan is not allowed to pass the “Solidarity” plans to introduce martial law, which was brought to the West Kuklinski: he needed the poles, undermining the system from within, even in the internment camps, not provoking nuclear war.) Then our interests were in common, and to participate in the loosening of the Berlin wall was worth even as a mercenary.

With Donald trump, the situation looks quite different: he is looking for mercenaries for the war with the EU. To accept that role for one compliment does not make sense. Unfortunately, people with the right belief, which is now controlled by Poland, this truth is not understood.

Donald trump himself does not have achieved its present position: a condition he inherited from his father. It can only serve as a model of depravity in almost every incarnation: he’s a businessman, not paying taxes, employer, degrading his employees, a man, relating to women, even the closest, as beautiful or beneficial items that can be moved from place to place, to spoil and throw away.

The fact that the Polish right-wing forces (who call themselves Catholic and Pro-social) pray to trump — a sign of their deep decay. Similarly they admired Berlusconi and his “Bunga Bunga”, because he opposed the left and defended the papacy. The logic of culture war entices people to tolerate any meanness and disgusting, if they are committed under their flags. In the old days the left had forgiven Stalin and Mao all their crimes because they were committed under left-wing banners, and now the right to forgive any flaws Trump. Such a policy does not make sense, but what if it has captured the minds of Marek Jurek (politics, the MEP — approx.TRANS.), Peter Semko (journalist — approx.TRANS.), The presentation Sarovskogo (journalist-traveler — approx.feathers), and many others.

It’s funny that if members of the ruling party for purely ideological reasons, in fact I love Donald trump, then its leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is eager to lick the boots of the American President. From trump he wants only to let him destroy democracy in Poland, as the EU continues to resist. This is the reality: political leaders (especially those with authoritarian tendencies) use the ideological banners of it in order to manipulate people and force them to accept their own party for absolute power. But ordinary people use them to deceive themselves.