The first meeting trump and Putin: impressions of presidents

In the framework of the summit of “Big twenty” in Germany the US President Donald trump’s first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump said he expects positive results of cooperation with Russia.

“President Putin and I discussed various issues, and I think it is very good that it was a very good negotiation. We’re going to talk now, and obviously we will continue, but we look forward to the very positive things that need to happen for Russia, for the United States and to all interested parties. It’s an honor to be with you,” said trump.

Donald trump and Vladimir Putin. Photo: AFP

In turn, Putin said: “Mr President, we spoke on the phone, on very important issues on the bilateral agenda, and international.”

Putin said that telephone conversations are not enough in that case, “if we want to solve issues on the bilateral agenda and the most important, pressing issues on the international agenda.”

The Russian President added that it is necessary to-face meetings.

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The handshake of the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation. Photo: AFP

Note that at the talks the leaders of the USA and Russia are the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

As stated prior to the meeting in the Kremlin, the statements of Donald trump, which was made during his visit to Poland, reported to Vladimir Putin, including in Ukraine.