Poroshenko gave an answer to the petition for the unlocking of “Vkontakte”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has considered the e-petition on the abolition of the blocking of the Internet resource “Vkontakte”, which was signed by more than 25 thousand people. This was reported on the website of the President section e-petitions.

“Based on the priorities of Ukraine’s national interests, given the real threats to national security of Ukraine and stability in the society, the encroachment on state sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity, the territorial claims from the Russian Federation and interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine, the intelligence-subversive activity of special services of Russia, encroachment on rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens and attempts to manipulate public opinion, the use of Russian holding “Mail.ru Group” and other Russian Internet companies of special economic and restrictive measures, for today is an adequate legal event. The maintenance of e-petitions on the abolition of the blocking of the Internet resource “Vkontakte” consider it impossible” – said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko said that the Russian holding “Mail.ru Group”, composed of “Vkontakte” and”Mail.ru Ukraine”, group of companies “Yandex” and some other Internet companies are widely used by the Russian secret service to promote Russian propaganda and special information operations against Ukraine and its citizens.

“In particular, contribute to the Russian security services in the collection, storage, use and dissemination of information with restricted access – personal data and personal correspondence of citizens of Ukraine. Even agreements about the use of any such services contain provisions on the consent of users to automatically transfer to the company (in fact the aggressor country and its intelligence agencies) any information about the synthesis, processing and transfer to third parties”, – said Poroshenko. The President believes that in this way, Ukrainian control of the Russian special services, who first create the necessary conditions for recruitment, and then use the citizens of Ukraine.

The content of the social network, according to the President, threatens information security of Ukraine.

“The content of these resources are also aimed at attempts to manipulate public opinion through the dissemination of incorrect, incomplete or biased information, the promotion present, unfortunately, in Ukraine protest anti-Ukrainian capacity, involve him in anti-national actions and riots aimed at violent change of the constitutional order and overthrow the state power, obstructing Ukraine towards the European community”, – said in response to Poroshenko.

The President cited examples of such work of Russians in social networks:

“The work of Russian intelligence networks we could see during the fake protests of the poles in Lviv region, performances in Odessa, attempted passage of the “immortal regiment” and others. One example of this is the citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhuk, who for 2014-2015, was a member of an illegal armed formation “DNR” (call sign “Moscow”, currently located on the territory of the Russian Federation) and for a long time, taking advantage of the trust of our countrymen, provoked and incited them to participate in the riots in g. Kiev”, – said Poroshenko.

“In addition, a convincing proof of the necessity of application of all stipulated by the domestic legislation measures to protect their own cyberspace evidenced by aggressive cyber attack on government and governance, critical infrastructure, important facilities of life, took place on 27 June this year. Online Russian Internet web hit hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian users, who, not suspecting anything wrong, was used as “cogs” anti-Ukrainian propaganda”, – said Poroshenko and reminds that the Russian social networks have also become a hotbed of destructive groups like the sad suicide of the communities, type “Blue whale” and social network “Vkontakte” remains hardly probable not the main repository of pirated content in the world.

Recall that the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine in may approved the sanctions, which prohibits Internet service providers from the provision of user access to service resources Mail.ru, “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, the sanctions also imposed on OOO “Yandex”, Russian software developers-antiviruses “Kaspersky’s Laboratory” and “Doctor Web”. Is locked and access to the site “Kinopoisk”.