In the labor market of Ukraine has a deficit negotiators

In Ukraine, the shortage of competent negotiators — people who are able to negotiate effectively, whether client, business partner or officials. In the domestic labor market, this profession is still exotic. Most recruiters use other title of the vacancy, for example, a communications specialist with the state authorities. However, the demand for people who know how to negotiate, grow, writes UBR.

For example, 6653 current vacancies, where employers specify as a requirement the ability to negotiate. Most of all is the quality demanded by merchants. So, in the category “Sales” posted 4763 jobs requiring negotiation skills.

“This is 72% of the total number of negotiators, who are looking for employers. Most often a separate profession of negotiator does not exist or it is called differently. For example, categorical Manager in retail or the buyer”, — said Director of development Sergei Marchenko.

As told by the head-hunters, only about 10% of specialists working in the sales field, can boast the ability to negotiate and to conclude a successful transaction. It is clear that such specialists are like gold: they are hunted, they are repurchased and do not skimp on a good salary.

Sales managers today are counting on a rate of 10 thousand UAH. plus interest, while there are areas where the level of fixed salary than 50 thousand UAH. Although in most cases the employer offers a rate of 4-6 thousand UAH. plus interest.

“Mainly looking for a ready-made specialists, not realizing that it will cost them too much. Will have to look for more than one month and also to pay, because negotiators are motivated mainly money, and convince them to change jobs may increase to the current salary of not less than 70%. Otherwise, they even regarded this job will not. Cheaper to take budding professionals with no experience and train him in the art of negotiations”, — said the head of recruiting “Golden Staff” Victoria Baban.

The skill of negotiation is needed not only businessmen and managers, but also representatives of many other professions, from builders to finish the project managers in it.

Now in Ukraine they are looking for even the military (release of hostages and prisoners of war, working in hot spots), as well as representatives of various spheres of business (managerial position, sales Department, service Department). Gradually in this way begins to look the public sector (but here everything moves much slower than the military and business). Looking for such people in the first place among friends through word of mouth.

“Who is more professional approach to the search for the negotiators, drawn to specialized organizations, for example, to us, or others (law firm, community mediators, outsourcing call centers, collection companies, etc.), depending on the need — to resolve the dispute, the conflict, to collect the debt, to organize the sales process and so on”, — said the President of the Club of professional negotiators Oleg Demchik.

In the case of business entities, as a rule, participate in the negotiations, the employees, as they know their company and can find the right arguments. But if the tasks relate to relationships with public authorities, in such cases involve specialists from outside, who have the right connections to ensure the positive outcome of the decision problem.

In situations that relate to legal issues, e.g., disputes with tax, customs, land issues and other aspects of the law, your best resource is a lawyer who not once has passed all instances. If requests of this nature are rare, it is advantageous and more efficient to bring in a law firm or a lawyer in every case. If the situation is repeated, the process is long, it is cheaper to get a good lawyer in the state.

“But there are companies who are not ready to wait and use the services of dubious firms, which simplify the procedure and for a certain amount agree with the government agencies “amicably,” said Victoria Baban.

The remuneration of a negotiator depends on the formula of calculation of his remuneration. If the specialist is in the state of the company — he rate and receives a fixed salary. If it works as an external consultant — there are two formulas of his remuneration: fixed price — when does the payment for the solved problem (e.g. debt recovery or settlement of the conflict), or time & material — when a customer pays a negotiator and overhead.

Rushed to learn

On increased demand from employers started to gain popularity and all sorts of training courses for those wishing to brush up on your public speaking skills. “The demand for training negotiations increased by 200-250% over the last year or two,” — says Oleg Demchik.

Intensive negotiations will take approximately 3 to 6 months. Approximately completion of all modules in the school of oratory will cost you 12 thousand UAH, the school negotiator — from 40 thousand UAH. You can also get specialized training in the field, which the client considers to be his “niche”. This approach is currently the most popular.

“In the corporate format often order training associated with the strategy of negotiation, skills of presentation and handling objections. In recent years, increasing attention of corporate customers to develop the leaders and negotiators of their speaking skills,” — said the head of the Center of business training “Golden Staff” business coach Olga Luschik.

But when choosing courses you should pay attention to how the speakers themselves know the art of negotiations, advise the experts.

“For this I would recommend them to bargain, applying custom approach and see how they react to it. For example, offer to do you a substantial discount if you bring a friend with you, who also will host the courses. Here the organizers will have the opportunity to demonstrate your negotiating skills to you personally and you will be able to assess whether to learn to negotiate these people,” — said conversation, Sergei Marchenko.