Poroshenko considers symbolic start bezveza with the EU on the eve of Day of Russia

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes it is symbolic of the fact that visa-free regime with EU will come into force on the eve of Russia Day, celebrated in Russia on 12 June.

“Friends, we are not ordered by date, but our final and irrevocable farewell to Moscow will happen on the eve of June 12, – the main state holiday of Russia day of the proclamation of her sovereignty. And there is a certain symbolism. We finally independent from each other politically, economically, gas-energetically and even spiritually, we are finally free from their braces”, – he said at a gala concert on the occasion of the introduction of visa-free regime with the EU on Saturday in Kiev.

The head of state noted that Ukraine has paid a very high price for its European choice and independence.

“The only thing that upset, this is an extremely high price, this is a bloody account, which we Ukrainians put the Kremlin for our right to build their lives,” said Poroshenko.

Earlier it was reported that Poroshenko started the timer bezveza and said a final “farewell” of the Russian Empire.