The fullness of beauty is not a hindrance: a young mother became famous in the network due to a Nude photo shoot

A resident of the Australian city of Bundaberg posted a Facebook photo where she posed Nude.

On the drew the attention of various media, as a result it quickly spread on the Internet and brought the woman a popularity.

As found out the edition of the Daily Mail, 31-year-old crystal Gordon took part in a revealing photo shoot in order to demonstrate the results of your weight loss.

After the birth of her first child, she recovered, and sitting on a diet, she has achieved significant results and decided to take a picture of them in a bikini. According to her, it can inspire other women to do sport and prefer healthy eating.

Despite the great popularity of a candid snapshot, not all happy for crystal and evaluated its weight-loss results. She even complained about harassment on the network. But to stop there is not going to.

Mum bullied for bikini photo poses nude to promote body positivity

— Daily Mail Femail (@Femail) 23 may 2017