The outcome is a Pyrrhic victory: Ukraine get rid of Soviet symbols

It has been two years from the date of entry into force of the law on decommunization. He, we recall, involved the renaming of settlements and other toponyms (streets, squares, parks, businesses), named after Communist leaders and everything connected with the Soviet Union. For example, Lenin’s street, square of the October revolution etc., As found “Today” for two years decompensirovanna about 99% of such objects. Left “unattended” Communist toponyms and monuments reveal the vigilant citizens.

TOTAL. As reported by the Director of the Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich, settlements with Soviet names were only in the Crimea and on the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Donbass — there are more than hundreds. “At the end of 2016 51 493 renamed streets and squares and other place names now they are almost 52 thousand, demolished 2389 monuments and memorials, including the 1,320 monuments to Lenin, — said viatrovych. — Left the unit, mainly on the territories of enterprises. Identify them with the help of local activists and demand from the owners to demolish. We can say that decommunization is made of 99%, gradually remove small symbols of the Soviet era — sickles and hammers, stars with buildings.” Interestingly, among the new street names little political — Bandera, Petlyura, and the most common Central, Cathedral, World square. Many new titles with a religious theme — the ascension, the Transfiguration — or the positive emotions — Happy, Joyful. About 130 streets across the country named in honor of the revolution of dignity and Heroes of “Heavenly hundred”.

Along with new names leave until the former signs, primarily road signs. For example, on the road from Kiev to Cherkassy hanging a new sign “the village Green Yar” and some old “Zhovtneve”. Local authorities explain that this is temporary for people, especially not local, used to the new names. In Kiev, you can also find road signs of streets of “Communist” names, especially in the suburbs.
back. There are examples of “renaming opposite.” The latest — April 26, deputies of the Odessa city Council wanted to cancel accepted the decision on renaming of streets 56. The reason — many inhabitants do not like the new titles as too ideological (the street was renamed in honour of Roman Shukhevych, Heroes Heavenly hundred, Heroes Cool). But the decision of the city Council did not like the local Prosecutor’s office, and she sued. “A criminal case under article “Propaganda of the Communist and Nazi regimes”, — reported in the press service oblprokuratury. This article provides till 10 years of prison with confiscation of property! In the city Council we were informed that the decision on renaming suspended after public comment the streets will give neutral names.

According to the political scientist Vadim Karasev, to avoid such precedents, it is better not to change the Communist heroes in the nationalist: “we Need the ideologization of names, it will contribute to the formation of a European consciousness and the consolidation of society”.

The Dnieper river: young people have become accustomed

A year ago Dnipropetrovsk was officially renamed to Dnepr. But a year later the name “Dnepropetrovsk” has not yet fully emerged from the everyday life of its inhabitants. The fact that despite the renaming of the regional center, the area itself continues to be officially called Dnipropetrovsk. Using this, do not hurry to change their names and many local businesses and institutions. The townspeople say that after changing the name of their place of residence for them, almost nothing has changed. “The city did before in everyday life often called simply “Dnepr”, so the difference in the perception of the names I have personally no, — says the Manager of a local firm Eugene Masluk. Only became a little easier to fill out paperwork for work — the word “Dnieper” write faster.” However, if the young generation is the new name caught on quickly, here are the people in the age of the word “Dnepropetrovsk” still nostalgic. “Renamed — what? You’d think we live it became better. Thank you, though documents change is not made,” — said the pensioner Lidiya Sotchenko.