The Israeli military instructor assessed the possibility that trump will “surrender” Ukraine

The President of the United States Donald trump is unlikely to change Russia’s Ukraine on their own geopolitical interests. This opinion was expressed in interview “” the volunteer, military instructor, a former soldier of the Israel defense forces Tzvi Arieli.

In his opinion, the United States currently has enough problems with Russia, but trump won’t take any serious compromise in Ukraine.

“I don’t think will pass. Let’s say, the US has several problems with Russia right now. It’s Chinese, it intensifies. Both China and North Korea require that on some issues the US and Russia have reached an understanding. This is an important issue in the geopolitical context of the Ukraine is much more important for the United States. Because China and North Korea have nuclear weapons. And the DPRK is far less predictable than Russia. In addition, there is the middle East, the same Syria. Is the Ukraine. One would think that Ukraine can give, although it may be some kind of agreement or compromise. But I don’t think at this stage this is — we’ve seen how American “Tomahawk” flying to the base of Assad. We see the Israeli attacks on Syrian territory. But we have not seen even once that Russia decided to use its air defense, by American or Israeli planes. While those struck by their closest allies, with whom Russia is at war in Syria. So I don’t think the U.S. will take some serious compromise for Ukraine. But this does not mean that Ukraine can relax and hope for America,” – said Ariel.

He also added that the US to intervene in military conflict in the Donbass will not.