In Moldova, there have been protests against rapprochement with Russia: “he is the servant of Putin”

Representatives of the youth movement of the Liberal party met the President of Moldova Igor Dodon at the international airport of Chisinau protest, when he returned from the Victory day parade in Moscow. It is reported NewsMaker, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the visit of the President to Moscow for the Victory parade at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The activists arrived in the evening on may 10 in Chisinau airport with posters “Dodon – servant of Putin”, “Dodon your house – Moscow”, “Dodon – traitor.”

The participants also brought to the protest symbolic things for the move Dodon in Moscow.

The liberal party also condemned the participation of Russian troops in the parade in Tiraspol on may 9.

“While the operational group of Russian troops marched through the streets of Tiraspol, Igor Dodon had fun at the military parade in Moscow, and drank champagne with Vladimir Putin,” – say the protesters.

We will remind, the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon was the only foreign leader who took part in the parade on Victory Day may 9 in Moscow.