The price of bale: how much money will have to pay for prom this year

Parents and alumni in Ukraine and interested in the restaurant site and on-site catering in the tents on the banks of rivers, lakes. The restaurant is interesting the presence of the host, DJ, Wi-Fi, karaoke, a spacious summer terrace. And advanced features — fireworks, lighting equipment, a large stage, overlooking the water, etc., writes UBR.

As told to restaurant experts, the peak of the booking corresponds to the middle of may, but very prudently started to take place before. Book usually classes or Parallels.

In turn, restaurateurs and catering companies do not tend to greatly inflate the prices before the prom. Competition in Kiev, and in large cities is large enough, the choice of sites is varied, therefore, too high prices may scare off the main customer.

How much food

The national average expenditure on prom young Ukrainians in 2017 has increased by 10-15%. Mainly, this was due to higher restaurant prices (they were mostly affected by the increase in utility tariffs). Even taking into account the decrease in purchase prices of suppliers.

“Usually the season is changing and is changing restaurant menu, therefore the choice of the other dishes, big selection of salads. Invariable decoration of the table remain meat and fish dishes — medallions of veal, farm chicken in Italian-style steaks. The toppings also change depending on the season and mood of the guests,” said development Manager of the restaurant Pagliaccio Irina Derevyanko.

As told by co-founder of automation of cafes, restaurants and shops Poster Rodion Erostek, catering will cost on average from 300 to 600 UAH per person, depending on location and meals. Variants are many, from a modest buffet to a Banquet and barbecue.

Rейтеринг will cost on average from 300 to 600 UAH per person

The restaurant menu also will depend on the format, platforms, locations, level of the institution. The minimum set of snacks, a La carte salad, main course, tea, coffee, no alcohol — is 200 UAH per person. Dessert is not always included in the minimum cost. Restaurateurs are used in dishes less expensive ingredients, berries, exotic fruits — not yet season. And drinks, many schools are allowed to bring with you.

“Orders have gone even with the New year. Basically, it is the graduates of schools and colleges from 30 to 80 people. We have it costs about 350-400 UAH per person This may be partly our alcohol, or book with us at wholesale prices. The Deposit is usually 50%. The menu includes cold and hot snacks, hot and beverages, or light wine. Certainly the presence of the accompanying adult,” — said the restaurateur Maksym Khramov.

Entertainment in price

But, just food expenses are not limited. Extra presenter, the evening’s program, music, etc. And that individual moment. Graduates can be from an elite school and out of the ordinary, a different number of people, calls to program presenters and show graduates and parents as pay for a holiday, all parents, and financial capabilities differ even within the same class.

The most popular can be called an average price option. Lead costs about 4000 UAH / event (4-5 hours), the cost of the DJ begins with UAH 2,500 per event. To order the blowing of saxophonist and accordionist can be 1-1,5 thousand UAH/3 hours. Longer — according to individual agreement.

Of course, you can consider and do a budget option — rent speakers, laptop, microphone, and sound engineer will cost about 1500 UAH.

Can also be an option when a Banquet hall, restaurant or other area make substantial discounts when ordering large Banquet (100 people) and offer some kind of service bonus — same DJs and music.

“The more of the VAS and above the level of the restaurant, the higher the price for hosting the prom. The average is 1500-1800 UAH per person. This amount includes a restaurant with food and drinks, leading, video and photo, transportation. The lead — from 5 thousand UAH (minimum) and up to 20 thousand and more,” — said General Director of “restaurant consulting” Olga Nasonova.

Because walking graduates traditionally for a long time — up to 2-4 hours a night (to see the sunrise after the restaurant), it is possible that for “recycling” the restaurant also will have to pay. On average, 15% of the bill for compensation to personnel and conveying them home.

As a rule, the end time of the holiday in advance. There are different options and they depend on the flexibility of the site — rent can be paid for separately, separately menu. And sometimes only enough to pay menu and specify the approximate end of the holiday. In General, restaurateurs understand that the longer the event is held, the faster everything will end at the tables and there will be the possibility of additional sales of dishes, desserts and drinks.

It also is more expensive

The bags are all different. At the graduation of their children spend a lot more.

“Countryside property or a city restaurant segment, which has a Banquet hall (Prague, Villa Vita, fortress, etc.), the average bill for a Banquet is 1-1,5 thousand UAH. Lead — some popular (Uncle George, Dzhedzhula) — 2-3 thousand dollars plus the band or DJ are more or less known — 2-3 thousand dollars the Photographer, the operator will pass in 3-4 thousand UAH, and transport — 1 thousand UAH. Flowers, gifts. Total: 10-12 thousand per person. And the costumes/dresses for graduates — also parents of expenditure”, — said Olga Nasonova.