Why do I get dandruff

Dandruff is a problem faced by many of us. Snow in the hair, usually due to some medical and not cosmetic reasons. Therefore, to eliminate dandruff, you need to get rid of the cause of its occurrence, writes likar.info.

Dry skin

The main cause of dandruff is excessive dryness of the skin, causing skin flakes and dandruff appears. Dry skin is enhanced in autumn and winter, when people most of his time in a warm room or in cold air. That’s why in these seasons of dandruff becomes larger.

Temperature changes is one of the most undesirable circumstances for the hair and scalp. Frequent drying with a hair dryer is also a major contributing factor to the peeling skin and dandruff.

Oily skin

Not only dry, but oily skin can cause dandruff. High oily skin is a result of the strengthened work of sebaceous glands. So the skin is covered with oily film that closes the pores of the skin, preventing her from breathing. This leads to irritation of the small nerve endings, which leads to itching. Dead skin cells start to stick to each other, and are formed at peeling large flakes of dandruff that are saturated with fat.

Lack of hygiene, head

Insufficiently frequent washing of hair – another common cause of dandruff. If the head be washed rarely or incorrectly, the hair can form a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells clearly.

Hairsprays, mousses, gels and wax can accumulate in the hair, making it even more oily. It only increases the risk of dandruff. Therefore, you should regularly wash your hair and minimize the use of special hair care products that can increase their fat content.


Increased flaking of the scalp often occurs with stress and anxiety. At increased risk of dandruff there are people with neurological disorders, as well as those who have suffered a strong emotional shock.

The lack of vitamins

As a rule, late autumn and winter most people have reduced immunity, which can trigger a specific reaction of the scalp, causing dandruff appears.

As is known, the degree of resistance of the organism largely depends on the availability of vitamins and trace elements. In particular, trigger the appearance of dandruff may be lacking zinc, b vitamins, and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. The best way to prevent dandruff is diverse and balanced diet that will help to provide the body with all necessary vitamins and microelements.