Iran “condemned” the massacre in Khan Sheyhun!

For the millions of people who were shocked by the sight of the bodies of children killed in the town of Khan Sheyhun in the Syrian province of Idlib, we report the bad news — this is not the last chemical attack.

Such attacks occurred several times already. Every time we are horrified by these events, then back to normal until the next massacre. Photos of the boy who drowned aylana Kurdi shocked the international community, but has not followed any reaction. After this incident, we saw the child, wiping the blood from his face and once again no reaction. No response will be, unfortunately, at this time. It is shameful to ignore such a situation and to quietly observe violations of the law occurring on the world stage.

But why do we claim that this tragedy will inevitably happen again and perhaps fairly soon? Because the world lives in chaos, and there is no force that can stop this human tragedy. Criminals understand only brute force, but the world today, there is no “world policeman”. Bashar al-Assad is again using chemical weapons, as he had done before, and Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, meanwhile, will cover his actions and there is no power in the world, able to punish him.

In order to know how we ended up in this situation of moral decay, when crimes are committed against humanity, you should go back a little.

History always preserves the memory of the terrible crimes committed by heads of state. However, there was a serious force that removed in the end all the leaders of the assassins, as well as supporting a world order with the lowest number of crimes. Hitler committed monstrous crimes, but thanks to the American government and the famous British leader Winston Churchill, he was defeated and killed himself, that was the end of his monstrous regime. Mussolini made a terrible crime, but ultimately he was executed. Gaddafi has been in power for many decades, committing countless atrocities, until NATO intervened, marked the end of the dark epoch of his reign. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was executed for his crimes. Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic committed war crimes and died in a prison cell in the Hague.

All these and other crimes will continue until, until a force capable of promptly to prevent them.

As for Bashar Assad, the situation is different for several important reasons. The prestige of American power had fallen during the reign of President Obama, who promised to punish Assad, but abandoned this idea at the last moment. Although members of his administration, particularly Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and then John Kerry demanded him to intervene and put an end to the Syrian tragedy, but Obama refused to play the role required of a “good force”.

Obama has repeatedly reiterated his argument about the reluctance to involve his soldiers in the war, as happened in Iraq. In truth, the US supports an international system that has lost “reason” and balance because of these crimes, whose victims are innocent people. We have seen crimes that go unpunished, so it is not surprising to see the bodies of children, victims of a gas attack.

Worst of all, the Iranians and the Russians want to destroy virtually the entire system of international relations and create new alliances in which rogue regimes will be able to commit countless crimes. This means the complete destruction of the world in which we live today. We thought that USA will help to prevent similar crimes.

However, the age of Obama is over. The US President Donald trump has condemned this crime, saying: “the civilized world cannot ignore the chemical attack in Syria,” but of course, things more important than words. And now talking about the foreign policy pursued by President trump in the struggle with the Syrian crisis.

Whether it is trump to ignore human rights, as did Obama, or will fight for them, as presidents Carter, Bush Jr. and Bush senior?

But all these political differences do not matter in the light of this terrible unprecedented chaos and mass murder. The Syrians do not want to defend their rights, but they want to stay alive. It’s the least can help, the us government is able to resist “evil forces”.

The cynical side of this tragedy is that Iran has condemned the crime and said he wants to help affected children who participated in gas attacks and the dumping of explosive barrels.