Where and how to raise your level of driving: the TOP 5 most relevant avtobusov

The sad statistics of last year: according to the Department of information support and coordination of the National police, in 2016, Ukraine has experienced a 158 776 of road accidents. They killed 4003, 33 613 injured. Every day car accidents take the lives of an average of 9 employees, in connection with which the drivers natural question arises: how to survive on the road?

This question is relevant for everyone — for experienced drivers, regardless of experience, and beginners. After all, the driving school provides only the minimum set of skills, sufficient (if not always) for exams on the right. And then the newly minted driver goes on the road, where he needs at the same time to avoid numerous pits, dodging reckless drivers and watch out for signs, markings, traffic lights and pedestrians. It is easy to get lost.

How to increase driving skills to protect themselves on the road? It turns out that for this there are special courses. Tip: be their best. If you do not want to subject him to the inevitable when teaching overloads and risk, most courses will provide a training vehicle, but be sure to choose a car most like their own or one that you plan to eventually purchase. First of all it concerns the type of drive (front, rear, full) and transmission (mechanical, automatic, robotic). Of course, it is better to get training on different vehicles to be able to go on any.


Teaching beginners, even received a driver’s license, requires a special approach. We are talking not only about the development of technical skills, such as pedals, gear shift or steering, but also the development of “driving intelligence”.

WHAT IS TAUGHT? A good course includes elements of psychology: the driver is “coached” to understand the thinking of other road users. But without tehnometal will not do: the instructor will teach what is not in the program of a driving school: pass, Parking the car in difficult conditions, and understanding the trajectory of the car, the ability to feel dimensions.

Duration: 10-12 hours.

Value: 5-6 thousand UAH.


Feel the dimensions of the vehicle — an important skill, the problem which is present in most inexperienced drivers and even experienced some. It is often a cause of errors leading to accidents. Anyone who doubts his abilities of maneuvering without scratches and a broken mirror, you should undergo special training at the so-called “Course dimensions”.

WHAT IS TAUGHT? The program includes many theoretical and most importantly — practical exercises for developing a sense of size. The movement along the optimal trajectory, maneuvering, lane change, Parking front and reverse — all in a confined space, simulating the real situation of the conditions is saturated with cars of the metropolis.

Duration: 6-8 hours.

Cost: 3-4 thousand UAH.


Sometimes this program is called “Courses winter driving”, but this is not entirely correct, because at the end of March at night or early in the morning, and after rain the road may be slippery.

WHAT IS TAUGHT? Driving in low adhesion between wheels and road surface. The main task — to learn to keep control on the slippery road. Acceleration, maneuvering, and braking in cold, wet, icy or snow-covered roads. Special attention is given to stabilize the vehicle in case of loss of control, and this situation cannot be avoided completely.

Duration: 2-8 hours.

Price: 1,5—5 thousand UAH.


Riding in the city is the most complex in terms of security, because it is on city roads is the largest number of road accidents.

WHAT IS TAUGHT. Driving in the busy traffic, maneuvering, rebuild. Attention is paid to honing the skills to operate the pedals and shift gears, especially during maneuvering.

Duration: 2-8 hours.

Cost: 1-4 thousand.


Skills counteremergency driving — is the greatest value for any driver, regardless of his seniority in years or thousands of miles away. It is one thing — daily driving in normal conditions, and quite another — a reaction to a sudden dangerous situation.

WHAT IS TAUGHT? The objective of the program defensive driving — life skills of behavior in extreme situations to avoid collision or loss of vehicle control. There they will learn high speed maneuvering, as the front and reverse, the detour of suddenly arisen obstacles, rapid steering, as well as the different ways in quick stop. The program is a good defensive driving courses will also find place technique of unloading, or, conversely, download the sides of the vehicle and its axles, skills of stabilizing the vehicle in case of skidding or demolition. Moreover, learning occurs on different road surfaces: the driver should feel the car, whose behavior in extreme situations on dry pavement is very different from, say, a wet road. Special attention is paid to the handbrake, so-called “police reversals”.

Defensive driving is one of the most common types of skills of drivers. Sentences of such courses are many and they differ markedly in training time and, consequently, the cost. Here you need to understand that the more offers practice the better. Indeed, in an extreme situation no time to think — everything is decided by the skills inherent at the level of reflexes. More practice — more chances that in a real situation, the driver will not become confused, will instantly react and avoid the accident.

Duration: 8-14 hours.

Cost: 412 thousand UAH.