How to survive in the conditions of chronic lack of sleep: those who sleep deprived

Mothers suffer from lack of sleep, and their husbands — usually not. This is stated in a new study by Georgia southern University.

The researchers conducted the survey over the phone, covering 5805 people in the United States. The questions were: how many hours a day do you sleep (while 7-9 hours is considered sufficient, and less than 6 is insufficient for full rest) how many days in the last month you felt tired, respondents also had to indicate the age, gender, race, education, marital status, number of children, income level, body mass index, physical activity level, nature of work and snoring — all are seen as potential factors leading to the lack of sleep, said

Children is a major factor in lack of sleep

All 2908 women under the age of 45 years who slept not enough, the researchers found one common factor to sleep deprivation — the presence of children. Each child increases the lack of sleep by 50%. Only 48% of women in this age group who have children who sleep 7 hours or more, among women of this age without children — 62%. No other factors were not the cause of insufficient sleep in women up to 45 years.

It is noted that lack of sleep is experienced as a feeling of fatigue of women up to 45 years said on 14 or more days in a month, when they feel tired, women the same age who have no children, tired average 11 days per month.

It is noteworthy that the factor of the presence of children has nothing to do with lack of sleep in men. Dr. Sullivan, the head of research emphasizes that “adequate sleep is a key component of overall health, its deficiency can affect the heart, psyche and weight.”

The secrets of the effectiveness of the military in terms of lack of sleep

Former Navy seal John McGuire has not only survived “hell week” — a five-day test of strength and endurance, when the dream plays only 4 hours a day, but coped with the role of a father of five children. Now he’s a popular motivational speaker and founder of the program “SEAL Team Physical Training program”.

He gives five tips on how to continue to function if you’re chronically not getting enough sleep.

Right attitude

It is a challenge. Such period. Test. And it won’t last forever. It is necessary to survive.

“You can’t afford to be careless or undisciplined. Be sure that you can handle,” says McGuire.

It’s about Navy seals, and managers, and parents.


“In battle, the lack of communication can cost lives,” warns McGuire. Night feeding and changing diapers is not so dangerous, but the rule is the same: stay calm and work as a team.

Lack of sleep makes people irritable, but it is necessary to repeat myself: “I didn’t sleep, but I love my family, I’ll watch my words.” If you feel frustrated because lack of sleep is killing you, tell another team member: “Sorry, I can not imagine, because falling down” – suggests the expert.

First take care of yourself

You remember the rules on a plane? In the event of an emergency, first put on your own oxygen mask on, and then all the rest, including children. Because if you break this rule, you will lose consciousness and will die.

McGuire advises to make as a more detailed schedule of the day, including physical load, which reduces stress, helps you sleep better and promotes the production of endorphins — hormones of happiness.

Don’t try to be a hero

McGuire commented on the claims of people that 20 minutes of sleep makes us more tired: “I’ve seen guys who slept in the plane which twisted the turbulent eddies which slept on the bare ground or even standing. Sleep wherever and as much as I can. Sleep, like water, you need, when you need it.”

Feel where the limit of possibilities

Lack of sleep not only leads to bags under the eyes. Your patience is sorely depleted quickly, you pounce on junk food and generally not himself. So limit yourself to what you have to do in the first place. This is true leadership. Think about what will happen if you fall asleep behind the wheel with a child in the car?