Ukraine has no plan to defeat Russia – Yushchenko

At the moment, Ukraine does not know how to defeat Russia-the aggressor and restore peace to their land. About it in interview to TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the third President of the country Victor Yushchenko.

Sorry, we have no plan of how to achieve victory, and through victory to make peace. We have a lot of hybrids working. We can not call it a war, although the UN Security Council calls it aggression, and if so, we can’t get rid of diplomatic relations, we cannot get rid of the visa regime “Ukraine-Russia”, – he said.

The former President recalled that two and a half years ago, Ukraine was even a free economic zone in the annexed Crimea with Russia.

“It’s absurd: we are inadequate to the processes that are happening to us. Without formulating a proper definition, we do not state the correct menu, how to deal with these challenges. Therefore, we use surrogates”, – he added.

Yushchenko cited the example of the Minsk process, which, according to him, he doesn’t understand. “It is obvious that every attempt to resolve the conflict in its meaning is good. But when we understand that the negotiation format, which differs from the format of the conflict gets us nowhere, that Zakharchenko and Carpentry, of course, are not the source of the war, of course, is not the source of aggression comes from them – they are tools. We determined a long time: we hit the sack of straw or on a donkey? Where are the shaft, where we have the horse? We’re not going causal analysis. Therefore, we have come to believe, when, for example, Europe has forced us to look at this conflict a series of conflicts in Eastern Europe as in conflict or regional, or local. And in fact, if we talk about security in Europe, today Europe’s seven conflicts. Six of them in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is a zone of instability. This conflict’s geopolitical dimension. So they need in the geopolitical Toolkit,” – said the former President.

Recall that in February-March 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine, annexing the Crimea. That was followed by armed conflict in the Donbass, in which active participation is accepted by Russia, by sending its military, mercenaries and weapons. However, the Kremlin continues to claim that “they (Russian soldiers) there.”