An expert on facial expressions told how the trump combines masculine and feminine traits.

Authoritative Austrian expert on facial expressions and gestures and the author of the best-selling book Stefan Ferrat analyzed the body language of the new American President and shared their insights with the German tabloid Bild writes Inopressa.

“Trump is a very interesting object for observation in terms of body language. Too little refined, and that is what helps him look for his people, – says Ferra. – If, for example, Hillary Clinton thinks, and he watches his every movement, trump cuts from the shoulder. He also does things that a lot of populists”.

In turn, many people who do not have to do with politics, “stressed and desperate. Therefore, in bars they beat his fists on the table, behave aggressively and cursing those who are at the top”. “What makes trump? Yes, he is pounding his fist on the podium, aggressive and also scolds those at the top who, – says the expert. – (…) Seeing that a unhappy begin to feel that he’s one of them! (…) Besides, it behaves quite diversified, namely, from him emanate as gestures of aggression and gestures that are typical for women. This produces an unusual impression and catches the eye!”

Ferra draws attention to several aspects in the behavior of the trump. The first of these is dominant chin trump: “In the period of puberty in men due to the hormone testosterone develops stronger lower jaw and thickening above the eyebrows. The higher the testosterone level, the more strong looks the man. Trump is trying to strengthen this impression with the help of facial expressions, exposing your chin forward and emphasizing the forehead.”

Also, the trump, the expert continues, there is a purely feminine traits: “tramp attracts attention, in particular, due to two factors. On the one hand, it makes a pretty Grand gestures (…). On the other – it is quite ambiguous body language. Despite the strong and aggressive gestures, trump often keeps his elbows very close to the upper torso. Women who do this, usually due to less developed dorsal and thoracic muscles (…). Another female signal – protruding small fingers of the trump.”

The following interesting gesture trump can be seen when he curls his mouth. “But this is not any erotic signal, says Ferra. – The fact that when the child does not want to obey their parents, he also curves his mouth. Thereby he as if speaks: “I don’t want to receive from you, the parents, any information.” Trump, according to the expert, repeatedly “crooked mouth during the election campaign, especially when he was scolded. This meant that he was not disposed to listen to the response opinion.”

Earlier it was reported that American intelligence agencies secret part of the secret information from trump.