The new elected President of Germany Steinmeier

New, 12-th under the account the President of Germany Sunday, February 12, elected 61-year-old former Minister of foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Frank-Walter Steinmeier). It is reported

In support of the social Democrats in the Federal Assembly voted 931 of the deputies of the Bundestag and delegates of the parliaments of the land.

As expected, Steinmeier single candidate from the “Grand coalition” consisting of the conservative CDU/CSU and the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) has won in the first round.

Officially, the winning candidate is the President from the moment he agreed with the results of voting in the Federal Assembly. On 19 March, is scheduled the inauguration ceremony. Steinmeier changes in the post 77-year-old Joachim gauck (Joachim Gauck).