Taruta proposed a peace plan for Donbass

MP (independent), former head of the Donetsk regional state administration Serhiy Taruta proposed a peace plan in the Donbass. The vision the policies outlined in the newspaper “Mirror of week”.

“Start with the legitimacy of a negotiating partner, and then to provide security to the peace plan had a chance of being implemented, and as a result, to resume dialogue that will lead to restoring confidence,” he writes.

1. Legitimacy. “We propose to consider as legitimate representatives of the occupied territories the last of the legitimately elected in these districts authorities, the population elected in the elections of local councils in 2010. These elections were the last legitimate from the point of view of the Ukrainian election legislation,” – said Taruta.

“To make this decision official status of the Ukrainian authorities should extend the term of office of deputies of local councils, which expired in 2015. In turn, the deputies of local councils of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to resume their legitimacy must take the oath of allegiance to Ukraine. The Ukrainian government will appeal to the international community about the recognition of these deputies legitimate representatives of the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied areas of the Donbas, and Russia – urging them to put pressure on the leaders of the breakaway republics, which will have to recognize these representatives of the legitimate authorities and to transfer to them the administration of these territories”, – says the MP.

2. Security. “The experience of three years of conflict proved that without the presence of a third force on the line dividing the parties is impossible to achieve sustainable and durable cessation of hostilities. It is proposed to use an existing international mechanism is the introduction into the zone of separation of the parties, the peacekeeping contingent of the UN “blue helmets”, – the Deputy writes.

“The second task is to provide security and order at border checkpoints between the temporarily occupied areas of the Donbas and the main territory of Ukraine. This mission, by agreement of the parties, can take on armed police force of the OSCE. Security in the occupied territories will be implemented in two stages. In the first phase on the territory entered the police forces of OSCE. But in the process of gaining the legitimacy of local councils is the possible transfer of some functions to a specially created Department of the local police equipped and acting in accordance with the mandate of the legitimate government of Ukraine”, – said the politician.

3. Trust. “The Ukrainian government not only recognizes the legitimacy of the elected in 2010, deputies of local councils of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also gives them the authority and tools to ensure the reintegration of the residents of the temporarily occupied areas of the Donbas into a single legal, economic and humanitarian space of Ukraine. For this purpose at the disposal of local councils passed the budgets for education, health care and pensions,” – said Taruta.

“The implementation of the “Three basics” scenario the “legitimacy security trust” is to be implemented in three steps,” he writes.

Step 1. To restrict the rights of the President of Ukraine to hold negotiations on the peaceful settlement in the Donbass, to restore the primacy of Parliament in the negotiation process. “Experience shows the implementation of the Minsk agreements, without the participation of the Parliament of Ukraine is impossible to achieve positive results in the peace negotiation process. The Parliament should initiate the establishment of the state of a high-level delegation with the participation of deputies and representatives of Executive power on the basis approved by the Parliament mandate will negotiate for sustainable peace in the Donbas and return of temporarily occupied areas in the legal field of Ukraine”, – the Deputy believes.

Step 2. To adopt a special law defining the powers and duties of the deputies of local councils elected in the 2010 election in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Step 3. After the adoption in Parliament of Ukraine the plan “Three pillars” to transmit it for consideration to the UN Security Council and signatories of the Budapest Memorandum in order to fully engage relevant international institutions and key countries in its implementation.

We will remind, earlier the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons has submitted a plan of measures aimed at implementing some of the principles of the state internal policy in respect of separate districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, where the public authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers.