Media published a letter alleged organizer of the September 11 attacks Obama

American media published part of a letter to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who intelligence agencies believe the organizer of the attacks of September 11, 2001, Barack Obama. About it reports Wall Street Journal.

In it Mohammed calls ex-President a villain and the “head of the snake” and said that U.S. “country of oppression and tyranny” provoked attacks on themselves in the Wake of a destructive policy.

“We didn’t start the war against you on September 11. It is you and your dictators in our country” – refers to Barack Obama Mohammed.

Terrorist also expressed admiration for Osama bin Laden, “who managed to deliver a powerful blow to new York, not hitting schools and hospitals”.

He also stressed that the U.S. “still wet blood of our brothers, sisters and children killed in Gaza”.

Mohammed is now imprisoned at Guantanamo. According to the publication, the address he wrote back in 2015, but the institution’s management refused to send a letter to Obama.