Russian orphans hostage diplomacy

Jordan and jodie Hahn won the battle in court, but they will not be able to adopt Dmitri, a three year old boy with down syndrome who, like 27 other Russian kids, became a hostage of the cold war. But Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin will finally end this war. For this American couple from the state of Montana “it’s too late,” said their attorney Marina Zacharin, and their legal victory a bitter taste.

On 17 January the European court ordered Russia to pay 3 thousand euros in compensation for “moral damage” as well as 45 other citizens of the US, which at the end of 2012 suddenly forbidden to adopt Russian children according to the hastily adopted law. Later Dmitry has found a new foster family in Russia, but the validity of this law is currently being discussed. According to a survey published on Monday by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), 71% of Russians support this law, but alongside this, a growing number (21%) of those who called for its abolition. “We are ready for dialogue with the United States,” — said the Chairman of the Parliament Valentina Matvienko.

Even if it doesn’t heal the wounds of the affected families, a review of the cases would put an end to what was the first real conflict of the era of Putin-Obama. It is the death of Sergei Magnitsky in prison in late 2009 has triggered a chain response. This Russian lawyer from the Western investment Fund Hermitage (Hermitage) was arrested for tax evasion after opened the scheme of plunder of money in favor of a number of senior Russian officials. The white house had to wait four years to return to the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin to impose sanctions on Russian officials involved in the case. Two weeks later, on 28 December 2012 the Russian President signed a decree forbidding U.S. citizens from adopting Russian children. The law has received the name “Dima Yakovlev” on behalf of the deceased baby from the heat in the car, in which it inadvertently left the father.

This year, the last time 646 Russian boys and girls were accepted into the American family, according to the website, 72 children had a disability. Russian NGOs welcomed the fact that the U.S. allowed to adopt children with AIDS, and there are medical programs for children with down syndrome. For comparison, over the same period, Russian family adopted 6 thousand 565 children, only 29 of whom were ill. Representatives of American families immediately appealed to the Court of human rights in Strasbourg, where the adoption of the “discriminatory law” was criticized. The Russian authorities have engaged in a battle with the Western jurisdiction of the world, the experience which they do not accept, and declared the court’s decision “politicized.” “Our law has played a positive role in the cohesion of our society in the interests of children-orphans”, — said the author of the law, the Kremlin Deputy Olga batalina. This official accuses American families in financial interest and rejoices in the growth of adoptions in the country, starting in 2012. “27 kids who are unable to leave the United States, was adopted by Russian families as a result of pressure from the authorities. While 100 of thousands of children remain in orphanages and are deprived of proper care,” answers Alyona Sinkevich, the employee of Fund of the help to children-orphans.

Although Moscow has ignored the decisions of the European court of human rights, the analysts believe that the Kremlin could bring the law in sacrifice on the altar of the Russian-American warming. This is one of the few trade-offs where you could go Vladimir Putin with Donald trump in the quest for political solutions.