The police appealed to drivers and pedestrians due to the bad weather

According to weather forecasts, in the next three days in Ukraine is expected a significant cooling in some areas, heavy snowfall, blizzards, snow drifts on the roads – ice.

Taking into account adverse weather conditions, national police asks drivers and pedestrians to be very careful not to put yourself in danger.

“Under such weather conditions, make sure that bad weather will not catch you by surprise. Drivers should check the brakes, exterior lights, faulty windscreen wipers, heating and cooling to take care of the fuel supply. Follow the simple rules – don’t forget the charger to your mobile, hot drinks in a thermos, write down the phone numbers of the road and emergency services”, – stresses the Management of road safety of national police.

In addition to the standard items (first aid kits, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, wheel bolt wrench, tow rope, spare wheel and Jack), in strong frosts will become redundant set of warm clothes, a flashlight with batteries, wires “booster”, scraper for glass, brush, candles, matches and a small shovel.

“The main thing, be attentive and careful, strictly to observe traffic regulations, be sure to follow the status messages travel on the highways during bad weather. You should take care of their own safety and the pedestrians cross the road only at designated areas, use light coloured clothing and reflective items,” – added the police.

We will remind, tomorrow in Ukraine is expected cold, ice and snowstorm. According to forecasters, the coldest is in the East of the country and in the capital the minimum temperature will drop to 10-12 degrees below zero.