The software developers from Ukraine qualified for the Japan market

Ukrainian developer of applications for iOS and macOS, Readdle has signed a contract with a major Japanese software publisher SourceNext to enter the local market. This was announced by marketing Director of Readdle Denis Zhadanov, writes AIN.

SourceNext is engaged in the localization, marketing and selling software, they have online and offline sales of software. They collaborate with Evernote, Dropbox, Blizzard, Rosetta Stone.

According to Denis, to go to such a company was not easy.

“Our partner and friend introduced me to the CEO and founder of SourceNext. We met at his office in Palo Alto. I was negotiating with them six months and in the end signed the contract,” — says Denis.

Cooperation with SourceNext can bring the Ukrainian company hundreds of thousands of new users.

“Japan is a huge paying market. SourceNext recently bought the company, which has 600 million active mac users — we want to sell our PDF Expert. If there is good traction — they are ready even to print the boxes for the product and put themselves in physical stores,” says Zhadanov.

According to him, this is one of the interesting features of the Japanese market — there often buy software is not online and in supermarkets. For example, on the shelf is a box with Dropbox or Evernote, the user buys it, remove the key from the box and activates the software.

“This is a very interesting market for us with huge potential. For Evernote — billion company — it was the largest percentage of the market,” says Zhadanov.

Recall that in December last year, Readdle has released intelligent mail for Mac, immediately after she became No. 1 in the Mac App Store.