Trump promises to ensure energy independence of the United States from OPEC

The US President Donald Trump intends to develop the energy sector of his country to achieve independence from energy supplies from OPEC and States that are hostile toward Washington. This is stated in the published on the website of the White house document on the priorities trump.

“Strengthening the national energy sector is important for national security. President trump intends to achieve energy independence from OPEC and from all countries that are hostile,” – stated in the message.

The President “will work with allies from the Persian Gulf to achieve positive relationships in the energy sector, and it will be part of our strategy for the fight against terrorism”.

“To achieve the bright future we need strategies in the energy sector that will stimulate our economy and ensure our security and protect our health”, – the document says.

It refers to the readiness of the new US administration to work to ensure that the production of energy in the country do not harm the environment.

As reported, the document stated that trump has high hopes for “revoluciju” shale gas and oil.

Recall that Donald trump has brought today the oath of the President of the United States, becoming the 45th Chapter of America.