Ukraine entered the TOP countries with the most expensive cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Ukraine entered the group of countries with the highest cost of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Such data are cited by Bloomberg in its annual report on the cost of such goods in different countries.

With the purpose of analysis, analysts portal examined the cut price of a pack of cigarettes popular and premium brands, a bottle of alcohol and some substances of drug action (one gram of various types of stimulants). The purpose of this study is to investigate the state of the economy of individual countries through the prism of the bad habits of their populations. The ranking of countries has also occurred depending on the value of goods from the study of “basket”.

Thus, Ukraine entered the group of countries in which such products cost from $ 450 or more:

The cost of the researched “basket” of goods in our country is 1400% weekly income:

The countries with the cheapest products in this category are Laos (about 41.4 per dollar), Congo and Honduras. Most expensive bad habits cost in New Zealand, Australia and Japan, where the total cost of alcohol, tobacco and some drugs reaches 1441,5 dollar.

Overall, in the 18 countries studied the total cost of the “basket” of goods does not reach $ 100. Analysts note that prices depend directly on the tax policies of individual States, as well as other factors.