M16 – WAC-47: why is Ukraine an American assault rifle

M16 assault rifle that will be produced in Ukraine at the enterprises of the state concern “Ukroboronprom” in cooperation with the American Corporation Aeroscraft is ultra-modern weapons, which combines many years experience of production and use in combat.

New assault rifle should be a real shooting system in accordance with the standards adopted in the armies of NATO. Its production in Ukraine is a real step of our country and the Ukrainian army in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Integration into the Alliance

Ukraine is facing the global challenge of transition to NATO standards in contrast to the post-Soviet decision, which appeared as a temporary emergency measure. Every country that broke away from Russia’s orbit, have passed, or is undergoing this difficult stage, which takes many years and requires a lot of effort. In terms of Kremlin aggression Ukraine faces the same problems, and solve them it is necessary in short terms and under conditions that are far from ideal.

Now Ukrainian soldiers take part in joint NATO exercises, there is a joint with Lithuania and Poland, the team proposed the creation of similar units from other NATO countries — Romania and Bulgaria. In the end, Ukraine on a permanent basis conducting joint peacekeeping operations.

In each of these cases, one of the problems is the solution of a question of logistics. For example, in the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade of Polish soldiers use an assault rifle Beryl, 5.56×45, at a time when the Ukrainian men — the AKM or AKMS 7.62×39.

Similar problems are faced by the Ukrainian sappers in Afghanistan while participating in the ISAF mission. To solve problems with different standards of weapons Ukrainian troops were forced to use the German G36 assault rifle, which gave the Lithuanian fighters.

And further integration of Ukraine into the NATO system, if not to take a decision, similar problems not only with firearms, but other weapons will only deepen. That is why company offers options that allow in the future to avoid the aforementioned problems, one of them is the creation assault rifle on the basis of the M16.

A modular approach

M16 assault rifle, which after many modifications has become a reliable and accurate tool of the military, is armed with dozens of countries.

The main feature of the M16 is a modular design that allows you to create on its basis a variety of versions which better meet the needs of men. This allows you to change calibers, to increase or decrease the length of the barrel, to change the whole parts of the weapon from the butt and arms to the mechanism of gas release and trigger group.

Thanks to this system, the M16 can be a compact weapon with a small size, which are better suited for action in the premises, or Vice versa — rifle infantry snipers, which is equipped with a long barrel and a telescopic sight.

One of the variants of the M16 is the M4, which is a shorter version of the M16A2. This assault rifle the special operations Command, the United States defined as a weapon, which is the same for all U.S. special operations forces.

Professional army requires weapons for professionals, which is able to fully realize the full potential of a soldier on the battlefield. Through the use of fasteners of the type RIS in minutes modern M16 assault rifle can be equipped with a red dot or a telescopic sight, a night vision device or imager, a grenade launcher, a laser pointer goals, not to mention the tactical arm or lantern.

Features M16 for the Ukrainian army

It is based on the M16 the company will produce a variant of the assault rifle, which was called WAC-47. This weapon carries all the inherent advantages of the basic version.

Thanks to the modular design it is possible to install different length shafts in accordance with the requirements: 10.5″, 11.5″, 14.5″, 18″ or 24″. That allows you to vary the weapons in accordance with the individual tasks of a fighter. For example, infantry sharpshooter can use the long 24 inch barrel, which ensures the implementation of effective aimed fire at 600 meters, at a time when the short 10.5 inch barrel meets the needs of individual compact automatic firearms.

The modular approach allows you to tailor WAC-47 for different caliber: 5,45×39, 7,62×39, 5,56×45 PATO. As well as the latest types of ammunition:.458 SOCOM, heavy duty and heavy projectile at subsonic bullet, or 6.8 SPC II with high kinetic energy and stopping properties.

Thus, WAC-47 can “work” with the 7.62×39 and the 5.45×39, which are in service with Ukrainian army. And if necessary, the modular design of this assault rifle, it is possible to retool for the use of the 5.56×45 NATO, which, in accordance with the standard STANAG 4172, is used in all assault rifles of the Alliance.

At the same time, for arming special operations forces, may require variants of assault rifles that use special ammunition designed for narrow applications.

This makes it possible to make a “smooth” and more cost effective transition to the introduction of a new for the Ukrainian army caliber. This will allow efficient use of the existing stocks of ammunition, to avoid problems with distribution and logistics for new cartridges and minimize risks.

In turn, the Ukrainian soldiers also need to get a new NATO assault rifle gradually. In accordance with the plan, the first batch of modifications WAC-47 will go into trial operation in the military units of the Ukrainian army, during which there will be a collection of all the information regarding the use of assault rifles directly in the field. Collect feedback from the Ukrainian fighters will allow you to make the necessary changes before mass production.

In addition, the development of small arms standard for NATO in case of granting Ukraine lethal weapons from Western partners, will allow more quickly and more effectively apply it to the battlefield.

Ammunition plant in the future

An important aspect in the production of the NATO rifle is that it will be produced in Ukraine under license from the US government. The first license for the testing and evaluation were obtained three weeks ago.

Thanks GP “ukroboronservice”, part of the Ukroboronprom state concern, together with the American Corporation “Aeroscraft” in the near future will produce small arms to NATO standards in Ukraine.

“This project will enable the transition of the Ukrainian army and industry to NATO standards. Our soldiers will be armed with Ukrainian weapons that will boost the entire economy. This means work for our companies, creating jobs, increasing the number of taxes to improve the manufacturability of production. In addition, it will be another step in the development of relations with Euro-Atlantic partners, and also integrates Ukraine into the global world markets”, — said Deputy General Director for aviation and production of the state concern “Ukroboronprom” Vladimir Korobov.

In addition, Ukroboronprom is ready, subject to funding from the state to build a factory for the production of ammunition as even the Soviet and NATO calibers. All projects of creation of the plant are already under consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers. Project implementation after receiving the funds will take about 18 months. The establishment of such a plant is lost due to the Russian aggression capacity, will allow to solve a strategic task of ensuring the defense of Ukraine.

Original taken from “Ukroboronprom”.

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