Best selling brands of cars in 2016

A well-known automaker Volkswagen has become the world leader in 2016, being able to sell the largest number of machines. The company outperformed such well-known brands like Renault-Nissan and Toyota Motor Corporation, writes sundaynews.

As it turned out, the leader of the global automotive market in the past year was the German Volkswagen group. Despite all the scandals, the popularity of cars from Germany is not falling, but on the contrary is growing — by almost 1.5%. In total, around the world in 2016, has sold more than 10 million different Volkswagen models.

For 2016, it sold 10.1 million Volkswagen vehicles around the world. Second place went to Toyota with 9.9 million cars sold, and the third placed Renault-Nissan with a score of 5.5 million copies during the year, but with a high growth of 6.2 per cent.

Fourth place for Hyundai-Kia from 8.1 million cars (plus 1.9 percent), and closes the five of leaders of General Motors with 7.9 million vehicles sold (plus 0.3%).

In the sixth place of the world ranking of car manufacturers – Ford from 6.29 million cars sold (plus 1.7 percent), the seventh – Honda with 4.9 million units sold (plus 4.8%), eighth–, Fiat Chrysler, 4.86 million vehicles (plus 2.5%), in ninth position – Peugeot Citroen from 3.24 million vehicles (minus 1%).

Closes ten leaders of the Japanese company Suzuki from 2.85 million vehicles sold and sales growth of 0.3% in relation to 2015.

In comparison to 2015, the demand for cars Renault-Nissan increased by 6.2%. The growth of sales of cars of Volkswagen and Toyota were 1.4% and 0.2%, respectively.

Volkswagen has become a global sales leader for the first time in five years.