The dollar rate in Ukraine increased dramatically after a sharp fall

Clearing the dollar on the interbank currency market of Ukraine began to grow after yesterday’s fall. “Green” has risen since the beginning of the bidding is already more than 80 cents and returned to the values of UAH 27 and above what the new 2017 has not happened.

So, as of 13:00 auction was held with the following quotes:

the US dollar 27/27,2 UAH;
Euro – 27,44/of 27.47 UAH;
the Russian ruble 0,431/0,432 UAH.

The dollar during trading:

In addition, the results of foreign currency auction of NBU. Controller sold is 55.2 million dollars at cut-off price is not lower UAH 26.9 and the total bid of the banks at 63.5 million

“Bidding on the dollar have slightly slowed down given before Christmas day. But this is not reflected in the quotations, moreover, demand remains “uncovered” in its entirety. This allows a few sellers to dictate terms to the market and hang up rate,” – noted analysts of the market.

As reported, the official dollar exchange rate in Ukraine decreased two days in a row, and very sharply – by 50 cents yesterday and another 41 kopecks today.

Experts predict that in January the rate of cash dollar may rise d 28,5 UAH. Exceeding that level, according to analysts, is possible in the case of aggressive liquidity in the market, or at the exit of a major buyer on the interbank market.

The national Bank also did not deny that new year strengthening of the hryvnia wore situational.