Groysman told about the peculiarities of formation of the budget 2017 subject to special confiscation

The government, in order to maintain a balanced budget for 2017 laid only 12 billion UAH 40 billion of the alleged special confiscation of the arrested assets Yanukovych regime due to the uncertain prospects of adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the crediting of these funds to the budget. This was stated by permie-the Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, transfers a press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Please note, we laid relatively low resource: if the amount of special confiscation of about 40 billion UAH, only 12 of them we put into the budget as compensation for the deficit. However, we are optimistic about the prospect of a special confiscation. Time goes by, the legal system approaches this point, so all funds must be returned to where they were stolen. And they were stolen from the budget, and these funds should serve the state and people”, – said the Prime Minister.

According Groisman, provide partial coverage of the budget deficit and reform the customs.

“Yes, there is still far to high-quality restore order, but those are the first steps that we made it possible in August (2016 – Ed.) get 1 billion (UAH – Ed.) and further already 2-2,5 billion UAH over-fulfillment of plans to obtain monthly revenue part of the budget”, – stressed the head of government.

Earlier, Groisman said that Parliament in January to return to the discussion and adoption of legislationallowing to solve the question of special confiscation in favor of the government funds stolen by ex-President Yanukovych in the total amount of $ 1.5 billion.