In Ukraine, the dying auto industry: manufacture of machinery fell again

All the statistics of the automobile segment for the month formed one plant

Ukraine has not only collapsed the registration of old cars, but again decreased the production volumes of vehicles. According to the calculations of the Association “Ukrautoprom”, in June in Ukraine were collected 336 cars. The production of cars compared to last year decreased by 43%.

“As in the previous year, this segment of the domestic automobile industry had only one plant “Eurocar”, where in June in the mode of SKD were collected 286 of Skoda brand,” said analysts.

The production of buses declined by 9% to 50 pieces. In June, the buses have produced “Cherkasy bus”, “Chernihiv automobile plant” and ZAZ.

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In the commercial vehicle segment, the production did not happen, as a year ago. We will remind, AvtoKrAZ has ceased to disclose information about their production from August 2016.