America mobilizes efforts aimed at the isolation of Nicolas Maduro

The crisis in Venezuela has led to unexpected results: the Association of almost all the leading countries of America. In the discussion of the text of the joint statement issued at the extraordinary meeting of foreign Ministers of 17 States, including the leading countries of the region, in Lima, openly talked about “dictatorship”. It was decided “to condemn the decline of the democratic order in Venezuela, not to admit the National constituent Assembly because of his illegitimacy, and to Express full support for the legally elected National Assembly.” That is, these States refuse to recognize any decisions made by the new constituent Assembly of Venezuela, including economic instruments. The text of the statement is very hard, it openly condemned the regime recognized dictatorial. “We Express our conviction regarding systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, violence, repression, political persecution and lack of free elections”, — the document says.

This unconventional meeting outside of any formal organization was held with great solemnity at the Palace of Torre Tagle, a lovely colonial mansion, built in the era of the Viceroyalty (1542-1824), where he currently hosts the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Peru. Discussion of the document lasted for several hours, as some countries were stricter than others, especially Peru and Argentina. Finally, it was agreed the text of the 16 paragraphs that contain specific language providing for political and above all economic consequences.


According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico, Luis Videgaray, paragraph 4 (documents must be ratified by the National Assembly) implies that none of the companies from the signatory countries will not be able to conclude with Venezuela trade and investment agreement, if such document must be approved by the National Assembly, which the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro is trying to remove from power.


Especially hard was the host of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Peru Ricardo Luna: “In Venezuela we are dealing with nothing other than a dictatorship. Out of this situation there. We have to act. Democratic regime fell. What is happening is not comparable with democracy in the region, which was so hard to build.” In assessing the complexity of the situation in solidarity with them, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Brazil, Aloisio Nunez: “We cannot allow the establishment of the dictatorial regime in our region. We support the diplomatic isolation of a regime that intimidates his people.”

The leading countries of America are mobilizing efforts to isolate the regime of Nicolas Maduro. USA already went to attack unilaterally, introducing economic sanctions against high-ranking followers of Hugo Chavez. Representatives of other countries on the continent — Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Argentina — met yesterday in Lima to put pressure and try to slow down the growth of authoritarianism. In the capital of Peru was attended by representatives of 17 countries at an unscheduled meeting convened in order to coordinate the crisis in Venezuela.

After the organization of American States (OAS) failed to take a unanimous decision against Venezuela, these countries took the initiative to hold a meeting at the level of Ministers of foreign Affairs, which indicates the gravity of the unfolding crisis and the desire of some States to give a joint response. And this is not typical of the continent. This group, which has clearly indicated that he is in this format due to the fact that within the OAS, it is difficult to come to consensus, will continue to hold meetings. It is open to everyone who wants to join it. The next meeting in this format will be held in September on the sidelines of the session of the UN General Assembly in new York. As the first urgent action was taken the decision to postpone the summit EU-CELAC (Community of Latin America and the Caribbean), which was to be held in October this year. According to the above-mentioned States, Venezuela could not attend the summit in the tense situation which developed at present.

The meeting of foreign Ministers of 17 countries of America have demonstrated that Venezuela has already been temporarily excluded from the bloc, the Mercosur (common market of the South) last week, now might face almost total isolation from its major trading partners. They are even ready to increase pressure on the country to stifle the processes related to elections to the national constituent Assembly.

Nicolas Maduro enjoys the support of Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, El Salvador and Nicaragua. But almost all the rest, primarily, the leading States of the region do not recognize the results of elections of members of the National constituent Assembly and condemned the deviation of regime from democratic course. To date, only a few have dared to declare that Venezuela had established a dictatorship. This term came into use in Lima, although not all agree with him, so he is missing in the joint statement following the meeting. The negotiations lasted a very long time, more than seven hours.

The head of the receiving country, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who came briefly to the meeting closer to its end to greet its participants, supported the decision about isolation, Maduro, and even threatened to break off diplomatic relations with Venezuela. The Ambassador of Peru has already been withdrawn from the country in March. Kuczynski said that the purpose of the meeting is to find “mutual understanding that the current government of Venezuela needs to release political prisoners and dissolve the illegitimate national constituent Assembly”. Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri has forgotten about diplomacy and accused the Venezuelan leader in the murder of civilians. “How difficult it must be to go to bed, remembering how many people you killed. How cruel, Maduro!” said Macri in front of the camera, when asked to Express their opinion about the situation.

Trading partners

Nicolas Maduro, who for seven years held the post of Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, said that he was a little worried about international isolation. But in Lima came to condemn the actions of Maduro almost all major trading partners of Venezuela, including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The main trading partner of this country — the United States has toughened its position. Of the most important partners of Venezuela currently supports only China. None of the Latin American countries that accept the results of elections in Venezuela is not on the first places in the list of business partners of this country. 43 States in the world believes that elected national constituent Assembly is illegitimate, and only eight countries, including Russia, Iran and China, recognize the election results.

A heavy blow was the condemnation of the Pope. The UN position was also quite tough. A number of countries, including Chile, opened the doors of their embassies in Caracas for those who wish to apply for asylum. Insulation is growing, and 10 airlines have already taken the decision to cancel flights to Venezuela. The OAS has not yet come to a consensus to apply the Democratic Charter, as was done in Mercosur, but Venezuela is a lot of pressure. These are the results of the meeting in Lima. Now it is Caracas.