Russian agents attacked critics of Putin in the US?

Sunday evening in February 2007 in the news program Dateline NBC broadcast a message about the strange case of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko who died in London under mysterious circumstances. Some participants in the program claimed that it was a murder committed on the orders of Vladimir Putin. The Russian President has denied any involvement in Litvinenko’s death.

Among accused Putin of guests Dateline NBC was a former government official and an expert on Russian Affairs Paul Joyal (Paul Joyal). Four days later Joyal rainy evening I drove up to his house in Adelphi, Maryland, and at that moment he was attacked by two men. Knocking one of them to the ground, Goyal heard that said to his partner: “Kill him.” The second man turned Joyal a 9-millimeter handgun and shot him in the stomach. Then he leveled Dayalu in the head and pulled the trigger. The gun misfired, and at this point in the house a dog barked. Inside the wife of Dayala turned on the light. The men ran away.

It has been more than 10 years, and today, when the secret activities of Russia in the United States draws the attention, it is appropriate to ask the question: of Joyal attacked on the orders of the Russian state? A more General question: the Russian government is killing people in the US?

After spending several months in the hospital, Goyal recovered, but the crime was never solved. The investigation about the attack on Joyal led the FBI, but it refused to give details about what conclusions has come. Goyal believes (and he told me about it) that the attack was organized by one of Putin’s friends being an “oligarch”. Some experts in Russia believe that he was right. “I think they intended to file Gajalu signal”, — said a former senior analyst at the state Department and other Joyal Paul Goble (Paul Goble). He noted that Goyal would like to organize a visit to the US of a Chechen activist, and this angered the Kremlin. “He crossed a line that cannot be crossed,” said Goble.

Russian agents kill political opponents in Europe and the middle East. The Commission of the British Parliament undertook a comprehensive investigation and concluded that dissident Alexander Litvinenko was killed by Russian agents — possibly, on the orders of Putin. Former KGB officer Litvinenko accused Putin that he ordered the killing of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was gunned down in 2006. He also accused the KGB successor the FSB in the bombing of several apartment buildings in Russia in order to consolidate popular support of large-scale war in Chechnya. In late 2006, Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium-210, which could drip into kettle with green tea from where he was pouring tea during a meeting with two Russians at the Millennium hotel. For 22 days he suffered and suffered from increasingly terrible symptoms. At first, Litvinenko’s hair fell out, and then denied the internal organs. In the end, he died. The prosecution in his murder have charged two men, but the Russian government refused to extradite them to the result.

BuzzFeed recently published on its pages a series of analytical articles that investigated the deaths of several Russian dissidents and critics of Putin who died in Britain under mysterious circumstances. In November 2012 Russian businessman Alexander Perepelichny collapsed and died near his home in Surrey. Perepelichny assisted the Swiss authorities investigating the alleged theft of $ 230 million of Russian tax authorities. He told friends that he was afraid of the vengeance of the Kremlin. The autopsy found in his body traces of a rare plant Gelsemium, which is poisonous and fatal if swallowed. As reported by BuzzFeed, American intelligence agencies in a report prepared for Congress of the report “with a high degree of confidence,” said Perepelichny was killed on orders from Putin.

What about the US? A Russian expert at the Goble told me that during the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union were sometimes spies kill each other and defectors, but not in the territory of your opponent. “In Soviet times there were very clear and precise rules, said Goble. We’ve never killed anyone in their territory”. He did mention one possible exception: the Soviet agent Walter Krivitsky, who in 1938 fled to the United States and revealed the plan of Stalin to sign the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Germany, paved the way for the Nazi invasion of Poland. Krivitsky died from a bullet caught him in the temple. Police at the time called it a suicide, but many friends Krivitsky claimed that he was killed.

Goble believes that Putin pays no attention to the old rules. He is not alone: a whole series of criminal cases in the United States raised suspicions. One of them is the case of Mikhail Lesin, who November 5, 2015 found dead in a room at DuPont Circle in Washington. The statement said Washington police Lessin died from blunt force trauma to the head, neck, torso, legs and hands. He was a very influential figure in Russia: former Minister and adviser to Putin, founder of Russia Today TV channel, which has become a propaganda platform for the Kremlin in the West. Vasily Gatov, who previously worked as a senior Manager in the field of Russian media, and then became a visiting fellow at the faculty of communication and journalism University of southern California, told me that Lesin had amassed a large fortune, and during his career amassed a lot of opponents. “He had a lot of enemies,” said Gatov. In 2013, Putin sent Yassin to resign, and he left Russia, moved to USA, where he married and where he had a child. “The birth of a child it was important for him to stay alive. The idea that someone decided to shut him up, deserves a right to exist,” said Gatov. If Lesin decided to cooperate with American investigators, it could be a good enough motive to stop it.

The investigation in Washington lasted a year and investigators concluded that the death of Yassin was accidental, becoming a “result of a fall and severe alcohol poisoning”. The report suggests that Lesin drank a few days. The case was closed. However, the report raises many questions. Gatov told me that after the baby is born Lesin apparently stopped to drink.

Additional evidence and evidence is not, and we don’t know what happened really. Sometimes it turns out that the mysterious death caused by harmless causes. In 2010, a former senior Soviet intelligence officer Sergei Tretyakov died suddenly at the age of 53 years. From 1995 to 2000, he worked under diplomatic cover at the Russian mission to the UN, where he led covert operations in new York. Then he became a turncoat, and as he writes in his book about Tretyakov, Comrade J (Comrade W) Pete Earley (Pete Earley), gave the American authorities more than five thousand secret cables.

Death Tretyakov in his own house in Florida attracted the attention of the FBI and the CIA. But as reported by chief pathologist in Sarasota County Dr. Russell VEGA (Vega Russell), death Tretyakov is not similar to the result of the villainous plot. He died choking on a large piece of chicken. How could this happen? The autopsy showed that at the time Tretyakov was very drunk. “It was all clear,” said VEGA.