Named products that may be dangerous to use in the summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year, but not for products. If you do not want to poison, you need not to misuse these products or eliminate them from your diet, writes

Meat and fish. High temperature promotes rapid bacterial growth in these products. In particular, should give up pork, because it is most susceptible to this.

Dairy products. This type of product requires storage in the refrigerator. Don’t want to get food poisoning – send milk and other products into the fridge right after coming home from the store.

Finished products. Salads and other Goodies that are sold in supermarkets, is also unable to threaten in the summer. First, you can’t be sure that they are stored in appropriate conditions and temperatures. Second, you can’t know whether fresh these products.

Cakes. Basically we are talking about cakes with creams, because most of them are based on oil or cream. Therefore, in such products it is necessary to check the shelf life and storage conditions.

Juices and fruits. If the packaging is damaged, the juices can start to ferment and spoil. Also, do not buy and eat fruits which are a little rotten. Of course, you can cut off the piece that rotted away, but this will not prevent the formation of bacteria, which already can spread the whole fruit.