Scientists have figured out at what age do people ever forget their childhood

To remember childhood is always a pleasure, but to boast of it, not everyone can. Age-related memory changes and therefore become more difficult to recall the first and the early years of life. found out how to change the memory depending on age.

Why is this happening

There is the phenomenon of childhood amnesia: it occurs around the age of 7 years, when we begin to forget the events of his early childhood.

It is necessary for the healthy functioning of memory in adults. The fact that part of the brain responsible for memory formation, establishes a kind of “balance sheet to save”, in which man not only writes the new information, but also clears the memory from unnecessary memory for further recording.

Since the events that took place in childhood can continue to influence our behavior long after we forget about them, some psychologists believe that they certainly remain in our memory. That is why most people have a veil over memories rises in different ages. For example, some people remember what happened to them in 2 years or in 5 years, but many not preserved memories up until age 7-8 years.

Thus it is necessary to be careful with memory, since our minds can catch a memory trap. In the 1980s, the years of Elizabeth Loftus, a psychologist at the University of California in the city of Irvine (USA), conducted an interesting experiment: she recruited volunteers to research and she started to “throw” them with false memories. As a result, almost one-third of the subjects fell into a trap set by some people even managed to remember “planted” the events in detail.

Therefore, you should not trust all our childhood memories — it is possible that we just introduced to them by someone else’s stories and believed in the existence of events that never had happened to us.