Who benefits from the conflict with Russia

January 30, NBC News reported: “On a snowy Polish plains, where for decades was dominated by Russian troops, us tanks and soldiers signaled to Moscow and demonstrated the firepower of the Alliance. Today, when amplified doubts about the President’s Donald trump NATO tanks with their shots, said that the Alliance consists of 28 member countries remains an important deterrent in a dangerous new world.”

One interesting aspect of this tendentious message is two sentences NBC: “where for decades was dominated by Russian troops” and “major deterrent”. NBC makes it clear that Russia, for some unspecified reason, wants to attack Poland. As often happens in the Western media, no evidence of this assumption there. Just Russia is fixated on the idea of self-rule, and American troops are operating far from home right on the Russian border, this is normal, because it’s up to the “indispensable nation”.

Then we heard a message to Reuters: “since February, U.S. military units disperse throughout Poland, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany for military training, exercises and equipment maintenance. The army will also send the 10th army aviation brigade consisting of 50 Black Hawk helicopters and 10 CH-47 Chinook, and 1,800 personnel. In addition, you will be sent a separate battalion of army aviation population of 400 people with 24 Apache helicopters”.

Military Alliance consisting of the US-NATO continues to deploy its troops along the border with Russia. In Norway, with the support of the United States and Britain from March 1 conducted exercise Joint Viking 2017. And from the beginning of April in Poland will deploy additional American troops, as the Alliance creates a new group in response to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. Campaign of the US and Britain against the alleged “Russian aggression” is gaining momentum and expanding, which strongly contribute invariably obsequious media.

March 6-7, Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin visited Washington and met with Secretary of Rex Tillerson and Senator Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) from the Committee on foreign relations. He was assured the “American support” action on the “aggression of the Russian opposition”, while Britain announced that her “shaggy the clown” foreign Minister, Boris Johnson will visit Russia and tell the Russian, “not meddling” in the Affairs of the West. Johnson has already announced that Moscow is engaged in “various unkind things” and “waging cyber war”.

The sad irony of Johnson’s claims of cyberwarfare is that on the eve of the information appeared about the active involvement of British intelligence in the cyber fraud of enormous proportions. WikiLeaks once again showed the depth of deceit and trickery, to which has fallen the great democracy of the West, and said that in the publicized documents “it tells about the plans of the CIA and describes the malicious software and other tools that can be used to hack the most popular platforms in the world of information technology. Leaks have shown that the developers have set their sights on the implementation of these tools in some selected computers without user’s knowledge. The documents indicate extensive sharing of these tools and information between the CIA, NSA and other Federal intelligence agencies of the United States, as well as between the intelligence agencies of the closest allies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.”

Then absolutely unsubstantiated ABC News reported that “standing for WikiLeaks Julian Assange apparently strong relationship with Russia.” But she could not hide the CNN report that “in order to conceal their operations, the CIA has often used methods that hackers acted under the guise of Russian”.

People like U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (Amy Klobuchar) did not comment on the WikiLeaks disclosures, although in January the Queen announced that “Russia is using cyber-attacks and propaganda to undermine our democracy. We are not alone. Russia often carries out cyber attacks and military attacks on democracy in the world.” She echoed Senator Ben Sass (Ben Sasse) from Nebraska, who said that the strengthening of us sanctions “violate the calculations of Putin and protect America from a Russian cyber-attacks and political interference”.

Of course, senators will not be able to overcome my rabid hatred of Russia and a false sense of pride in order to accept that on March 1 the National Directorate of military space exploration United States launched into space the spy satellite flying in an orbit with a rocket “Atlas-5” with the Russian engine RD-180. This is a striking example of the wretched of thinking — because in the official report on the rocket launch RD-180 is mentioned three times, and the country-the manufacturer — never. This example was followed by the leading media.

In March, the space was supposed to fly another rocket “Atlas-5” with cargo for the International space station, but the launch was postponed “because of a problem with the hydraulics, which were discovered in the ground equipment before the start”. If the delay was caused by the failure of the Russian engine, a malicious header would be more than enough.

In response to the WikiLeaks disclosures, the U.S. government has condemned them, because they are allegedly “not only endanger us personnel and its activities, but also give our enemies the tools and information for applying us harm.” Senator Sass predictably tweeted “Julian Assange should spend the rest of his life in prisoner’s garb. He is an enemy of the American people and an ally of Vladimir Putin.”

The work of the American and British intelligence should not be surprising because there is ample evidence of their spying on the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff and many other foreign leaders who were subjected to humiliating procedure involving dirty gatherers of information about their private conversations.

In June 2013 it became known that the United States spy on computer networks of the EU in the representation of the organization in Washington and new York. As reported by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the document from September 2010 “as the target for observation is clearly named the EU representation at the UN.” Der Spiegel journalists found that “the NSA also led electronic surveillance in the building in Brussels where the EU Council of Ministers and the European Council.” Together with colleagues from the office of government communications British American intelligence agencies are trying their best, but I can’t prove that Russia “uses of cyber attacks and propaganda to undermine our democracy.”

Faithful mouthpiece of the CIA New York Times said in December: “American intelligence and law enforcement agencies are United in the view that before the presidential election, the Russian government resorted to the services of computer hackers in order to wreak havoc during the campaign”. And not only that. “The CIA has presented to legislators a new shocking statement, which will dramatically change the course of the debate.” Russia, they said, intervened “in order to help Donald Trump to become President.”

But no evidence of Russian hacker break-ins during the elections no. And now there’s proof that “in order to conceal their operations, the CIA has often used methods that hackers acted under the guise of Russian”.

Although all these allegations about the conduct of Russia’s cyberwarfare against the United States in no way confirmed, the anti-Russian propaganda Washington will continue in the foreseeable future. But the original intention of the President of trump to start a dialogue with their Moscow colleague came to nothing. Even if it will revive that sound policies, which it seems supports his Washington cronies will do everything possible to save the confrontation and spreading new lies about Russian “aggression” and “cyber attacks”. The anti-Russian campaign is gaining momentum, and it is easy to understand why this is counterproductive crusade attracted so many in the West.

Most from confrontation with Russia wins the American military industrial complex and intelligence agencies, which closely goes the tip of the dysfunctional military Alliance of the US-NATO for many years trying to somehow justify their existence. And while the military-industrial complex to maintain its influence in Washington, war hysteria and mindless militaristic posturing will continue.

And ISS will continue to fly rockets with Russian engines.

Brian Klafli writes on the topic of foreign policy and military matters. Lives in France.