In the USA a man accused of attempted murder dummy

Las Vegas man accused of trying to kill the dummy, which was used as bait to catch the man, who scored two sleeping homeless. A doll placed near the area in the centre of the city, where as a result of head injuries killed the homeless, the Associated Press reports.

The charges that were the reason for legal disputes were filed against 30-year-old Shane Allen Schindler. At the hearing the judge ruled that the suspect should be tested for viability.

Public defender Phil Kohn ridiculed these accusations, noting that you can’t kill an inanimate object.

According to law Professor Fordescape University of new York Deborah Day, in most States, the laws take into account what a person thinks at the time of the crime.

“You can’t kill the dummy,” agreed the expert. However, the added Day, if the conditions in which was at that time the offender was real, and he believed they were real, he’d kill a real person.

In court Deputy district attorney mark Di Giacomo stated that Schindler is a serious threat to society, and authorities believe that he may be involved in the death of the homeless — the bodies of 46-year-old and 60-year-old men were discovered on 4 January and 3 February. Formal charges in these murders, he did not show.

According to Schindler, the attack he was conscious that his victim is a mannequin. The suspect told the police after his arrest. However, Di Giacomo believes that this is not true: the accused could not know what hits the hammer on the head is a doll since she was covered with a blanket. The attack on the dummy was committed on February 22.

Schindler is in custody, the bail for his release is set at 50 thousand dollars. His lawyer declined to comment.