The white house may postpone the “big deal” with the Kremlin

Due to ongoing scandals and new charges advisers of the White house in secret relations with Moscow, President trump may abandon plans to establish relations with Russia.

According to the Associated Press, the US administration is not going to in the near future to discuss with Kremlin the strategy of the joint fight against Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — ed.) and other projects related to national security.


During the election campaign and in the first month of stay in the White house, Donald trump has repeatedly stated that it intends to conclude a “Grand bargain” with the Kremlin. Changes in these plans has made a series of scandals involving the President’s closest advisors, including retired General Michael Flynn and General Prosecutor Jeff and Roman sessions.

Its own investigation of the relations of the employees of the campaign headquarters trump with Moscow continued, the FBI, and in Congress have already announced that they will seek appointment of an independent spectracolor for the study of contacts between representatives of the US administration and the Russian government.

As claimed by news Agency AP, recent events have forced the White house to reassess its approach to foreign policy strategy. In February, the representatives of the US administration accused Russia of violating the 1987 Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range.

Last week of the agreement are once again reminded and President of the trump, saying to his counselors that conspicuous placement of Moscow’s new missile may hinder the improvement of bilateral relations.

A White house spokesman confirmed that such a conversation really took place, adding that the breach of contract makes it “increasingly difficult” the conclusion of a new agreement with the Kremlin.

On the continuation of a strict policy against Moscow approved by the previous US administration, insist and key members of the new “command” of the President, including the head of the Pentagon Jim Mattis and the national security adviser Herbert McMaster.

During the first meeting with the staff of the national security Council General McMaster said Russia and China are countries “who want to change the existing world order.”

America’s European allies are also trying to warn the White house against rash steps towards Russia. According to the Associated Press, in order to convince Donald trump, the representatives of the Western governments prefer to use in the negotiations usual for the billionaire “business language” and arguments about the big risks of the conclusion of the “bad bargain”.

However, according to another senior administration officer, the final decision on what will be the policy of the White house against Russia, is not accepted, and the discussion on the issue still “is in an early stage”.