Celebrity lifestyle: super-mom Snezhana Egorova shares her beauty secrets

Snezhana is not only a talented actress and television presenter. She is an amazing person with whom I want to emulate. Egorova never gives up and strives to achieve the best results in everything, than was engaged. She’s successful at work, but the main achievement of life is still considers his family. Professional mom, as she calls herself, five children (Anastasia, 24, Alexandra — 19 years old, Andrew is 10 years, Arina — 6 years, Ivan 4 years) and have two grandchildren! Snezana says that children do not interfere career, although admits that her day is painted literally on minutes. “Sometimes I feel like a Manager, which launches into the sky planes, thoughtful schedules, and lunch breaks also sells bus tickets,” laughs presenter adds that despite this workload, she feels happy. How she manages to do everything and look beautiful, 44-year-old celebrity told the newspaper “Today”.

THE SECRET HARMONY. Snjezana have a great figure, although the sports presenter is not engaged. It’s all about good genetics and favorite work.

“My profession so I love that sometimes I even forget to eat. Can a few days to live some snacks in the form of fruit, — says Egorov. And actually I’m not a glutton. Perhaps that is because of my indifference to eating extra pounds not deposited”.

However, there was a period when Snezhana much recovered, and to return to the previous form, had to exert considerable efforts.

“It happened after the fourth birth. I gained more than 10 kilograms, she remembers. Saves me then the author’s diet from the famous Ukrainian gymnast Ekaterina Serebrianskaya (I brought ready meals), as well as a range of massages, I regularly made professionals”.

For the beauty star is grateful to the genes and work.

FOR THE SOUL AND BODY. By the way, they favorite treatment Egorova. “Massages help to bring the muscles in tone, to relieve pain, to tighten the skin and even lose some weight — says a leading. — Only to see results, they need to pass courses and be sure to choose and buy a technique. For example, I especially like the classic massage. Sometimes I also pass an anti-cellulite programme. I admit, it is very painful, but incredibly effective.” Summer Snezhana engaged in swimming, however, prefers the sultry pools and the open sea.

FULL REFRIGERATOR. Egorova adhere to a healthy diet. “Different and can not be! It is actually 25 years I was either pregnant or feeding babies at the breast, — says Snezhana. — Our fridge is always full of fresh quality homemade food. Children must receive a full meal, I carefully watched”.

She leading trying to eat three times a day without snacking, and dinner is always three hours before bedtime. Breakfast and dinner should consist of foods that have a high glycemic index (e.g., brown rice, whole wheat bread), but for lunch you can eat whatever your heart desires.

“To adhere to such a system, unfortunately, does not always work, but in any case the Foundation of my diet is healthy food,” says Egorov. But, like all rules, this has exceptions.

“Now a lot of bakeries, which baked crispy fragrant baguettes. I love them — recognized celebrity. — And can not imagine my life without candy “Gulliver”. Since I have long refused sugar in its pure form, can sometimes afford to have these sweets.”

Yegorova has ruled out many years ago also strong alcoholic drinks. The only thing she allows herself now, a glass of champagne or dry white wine. “There was a period when I did not consume red meat, says the star. — Now you can eat the kebabs of veal or beef, but the preference still give the bird and the fish”.

Do not spill water. With her friend Olga Sumy.

PROVEN CARE. Periodically, she visits beauty salons. “Make such support procedures as biorevitalization, or PRP, — says celebrity. — But more love home care. I have a lot of light creams with herbal and floral fragrances, which I regularly use”. But “grandmother” beauty secrets Snezhana treated with caution. “My grandmother any recipe I passed on, and recipes from other grandmothers I would not venture to apply to myself, — she jokes. — But seriously, I prefer proven methods. Better to find a professional and get his advice on what to do the experiments.”

CLOTHING FOR THE SOUL. The secret of happiness, according to Snezana, in inner harmony. “All the problems are in the human head. You can adjust the shape, change the appearance through plastic surgery, but it will not give any result, if you internally don’t feel beautiful — sure leading. — It’s not about what clothes we put on your body matter what clothes we wear at his soul.” That is why Yegorova advises everyone to look for their own flavor, and each woman to experience the joy of motherhood. “It was created in order to give life and to raise their children in love, — says Snezhana. — These values I actively demonstrate the history of his life and preach in his project “Gorod “S”. Socially it is aimed at women who hold family values and I want to fulfill myself as a personality.”

Presents his book “Life in my mind.”