NASA in honor of the inauguration of trump showed archival photos (photos)

Today held the solemn oath of the President of the United States Donald trump, in honor of what NASA has decided to celebrate this event by publishing neskolko archival photos.

The U.S. space Agency in its Twitter shared archived photos of Washington taken from orbit.

In honor of the Inauguration of President Trump, here are archive images of Washington, D.C., from space. #inauguration #inaugurationday

— NASA (@NASA) January 20 2017 R.

We will remind, the day of the inauguration in Washington was marked by protests against the elected President of the USA of Donald trump: the demonstrators demanded the impeachment of the Trump and blocked the approaches to the venue of the ceremony.

As you know, in the history of the USA only been 57 inaugurations, the oath was uttered in ten different places.

George Washington, for example, started this tradition in 1789 in new York. When he four years later went for a second term, he uttered the words already in Philadelphia. The first inauguration at the Capitol was held in 1829, when the US President was Andrew Jackson.

But there were exceptions – the eight Vice presidents of the United States took the oath of office because of the death of state leaders (from Lincoln in 1865 to Kennedy, 1963), and in one case – due to the resignation of President Nixon in August 1974.

After Donald trump and Mike Pence will be sworn in on the Bible, the President addressed the nation with his inaugural speech. Its importance lies in the fact that the President will announce the major milestones of the state policy under the new administration, therefore, it focused the main attention of not only Americans, but also world leaders.

Meanwhile, after the speech, trump Obama flew from the Capitol by helicopter.

The President, whose powers ended, traditionally flies from the Capitol by helicopter. Then begins the most spectacular event – the inaugural parade. In fact, it is the solemn procession of the new US leader of the Congress building in its new residence – the White house.

In the evening of the same day, according to tradition, are the inaugural balls. The next day, Saturday, at the National Cathedral in Washington scheduled service.