“If you’re lucky, trump will be Berlusconi, not Mussolini”: a Finnish Twitter users — about the ceremony of the inauguration of Donald trump

Aki Linnanahde @Linnanahde: “the Time for empty talk has passed,” said trump after 15 minutes of empty talk.

Aki Linnanahde @Linnanahde: a Very populist speech. Weak performance.

Aira Roivainen @ARoivainen: “the Time for empty talk has passed, — said trump. It is the time for action.” You also took it as a frightening threat?

Ulla Janhonen @ullajanhonen: the feeling that right now Putin chuckles.

Teemu Peltola P. @teemu_p_peltola: the Script would be perfect for the Simpsons. Even with nature crisevini.

Saska Saarikoski @SaskaSaarikoski: After care-Laden stream of messages on Twitter about trump really want to say about him anything good. I just wish he’d given this some reason!

Eeva Lehtimäki @EevaLehtimaki: Immediately began to lie that all power will be transferred from Washington to the people.

Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi @Nakkalajarvi: the Man who lost three million votes in the election, promises to return to the people the right to vote. Here is such a democracy sometimes.

Tuija Helander @tuijahelander: Who took jobs in America and transferred them to countries with cheap labor, politicians or the tramp with your pals on wall street?

Martti Kyllönen @martkyll: “trump promised to erase from the face of the earth of Islamic terrorists and to unite his people” — Hitler promised to do the same with the Jews…

Lyydia Kilpi @L_Kilpi: If you’re lucky, trump will be Berlusconi, not Mussolini.

Teijo Lahtinen @Tepu80: Good speech. At least the leaders of Sweden and Finland should learn.

Esa-Marko Puittinen @EsaMarko: Very good inaugural speech. Of course, the President should first focus on solving the problems of their own country…