We have never been to North America

Undisguised hostility of Donald trump against the Mexican people (not the government or the magnates of this country, which he considers different guys) is based on a big lie. This is what infuriates. No one denies that in the USA the boss of the Mexican gang and Mexican drug cartels have influence in all areas of the United States. But these gangs are not so many, and not so with impunity, they act like the group, consisting of American citizens.

It is well known the detrimental effect of American cities for many thousands of young people from Mexico and Central America. Sinister gang Mara Salvatrucha emerged in the result of a combination of factors: colonial poverty in El Salvador, paramilitary forces and the war, exile in Los Angeles and San Diego, contact with violence in the United States, the availability of weapons, the high price of drugs and the subsequent expulsion from the country of equal opportunities.

Anyone who lives with or visits an American city knows that the vast majority of Mexicans who are there legally or illegally, and born in the United States are examples of model citizens and have no relationship to the concerns of the trump.
As a rule, competent and diligent workers. There is a joke that Mexicans in the US behave better than at home, do not break the law, don’t take bribes, don’t steal. They do not tend to be noticeable. Working gardeners and quartermasters in the universities, enterprises and warehouses, wash the fruit in Korean and Chinese benches, perform the utility work in supermarkets.

They tend in the US to earn money and send it to my family. On the Pacific coast, in the fields of Florida and North Carolina, Mexicans happily employed. Mexican migrants are quite flexible, know how to communicate with Americans (the centuries-old neighborhood learned something). Our countrymen are fleeing to the US from exploitation, neglect, violence and hatred. The state rudely deprived of their education, land and rights. And openly prompted to emigrate. What is not a colonial country?

When trump calls us rapists, murderers and misfits, it is obvious that he is lying. His audience, which may not be such a perception still need scapegoats. (“Propaganda should comprise a small number of ideas, repeat them relentlessly, sometimes at different angles. And always be based on the same concept. Without any doubt, even if these ideas are false.” Goebbels).

If you have not worked these pre-election speculation, he would come up with something else. But his animal instinct, he always chooses the weakest and most vulnerable who are unable to answer him. Soon it is joined by the rest of the backyard bully and the whistling and hooting kicks kicked weak.

Trump and his team know what is illegal in the United States Mexicans can’t protect their own government. And I don’t want to stay, offering to build a wall on the border with Mexico, conducting raids, imposing taxes and just beating immigrants. A typical case of abuse of power. And all this gave such remarkable results in elections that, contrary to the socio-economic realities, they continue to stick to the same line. If to call things by their names, it is a Declaration of war.

During the time of President Carlos Salinas has spread the view that Mexico is part of North America. Better to be a tail of a giant and imagines himself in Puerto Rico. Intellectuals and academics, in particular, Jaime Serra Puce (Jaime Serra Puche), Jorge castañeda (Jorge G. Castañeda) and the like tried in every way to Express their disregard for the concept of Latin America was trying to show that they to it have no relationship. Since 1989 the state pursued this policy, picturing a colonial past in the most favourable colours.

Here’s what he said on this occasion, Lorenzo Meyer (Lorenzo Meyer) in a recent interview: “Mexican nationalism is defensive in nature, it is not German nationalism 30 years and not aggressive American nationalism. The ruling elite has destroyed nationalism is the basis of the relative sovereignty of our country. The rulers decided that our destiny is to join the United States economically and to dissolve in them.” And with praiseworthy prudence, asks the following question: “I Wonder who it occurred to me that we really are part of North America?” Whatever it was, but the government have destroyed the little that was created by the Revolution of a defensive nationalism, a relative autonomy. It just betrayed Mexico, that’s all.