The new wage will change the lives of Ukrainians: who and when will pay more

To have and to hurt the Ukrainians will be more profitable. Due to the increase in the minimum wage up to 3200 UAH and the growth of subsistence minimum (PM) from 1 may and 1 December, the size of many payments, calculation of fines and fees will also change. To whom, with what number and how many will pay more people found out “Today” (see infographic).

Except for sickness, maternity, “generic” and grants for single mothers, twice daily expenses of business travelers. Now in Ukraine the minimum amount of “life”, not confirmed by documents, is 320 UAH. And expenses when traveling abroad put 80 Euro in UAH at the rate of NBU on the day of issuing of daily subsistence allowance (about 2400 UAH).

EXPERTS. According to experts, the budget will ultimately save. As explained to us, the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko, payments will continue to accrue on the basis of family income. So, for example, if a single mother with a 5-year-old son earns RS 3200, then it is no help from the state is now not entitled, as its PM 1600 UAH, child — 1355.

“The doubling of mentorplace and leaving the old prominimum really means substantial savings for the state budget, as the income of the family will not change. Only after the growth of mentorplace many of the poor will not help the state and the employer,” says Okhrimenko.