In the Ministry of Infrastructure has developed new restrictions on the carriage of goods

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine intends to amend existing rules of the road rules for the transport of goods. The relevant draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the public discussion on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

According to the proposal, vehicle weight with two or three axles and trailer or semi-trailer, number of axles of which is two or three, shall not exceed 40 tons.

So, according to the project, the vehicle with three axles semi-trailer with two or three axles, which transports a 40 foot ISO container, the maximum weight of 45 tons, multimodal transport must not weigh more than 44 tons. In addition, established “Ukravtodor” and National police is allowed the weight of such vehicles up to 46 tons.

The project involves exceeding the permissible standards only in the case when the vehicle carrying indivisible load.

We will remind, under the current rules of the road, the weight of the vehicle carrying the goods must not exceed 40 tons, and container ships, implementing multimodal transportation – more than 44 tons. In the case of shipping on a set of “Ukravtodor” and the police routes, the total mass of the vehicle should not be more than 46 tons.