Caplin called bullying use of weapons Pashinsky

The people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Kaplin considers the use of firearms his counterpart Sergei Pashinsky bullying, not self-defense. About this he wrote in Facebook.

The MP noted that Pashinsky used the award weapon of the Ministry of interior, although not relevant to the Agency.

In addition, he believes that the actions of the MP was not a defense and believes victims can be called the man he shot.

“Such actions cannot fall under the definition of self-defense in the current edition of article 36 of the Penal code. Moreover, if Pashinsky pulled the gun and fired a warning shot before got a bottle on the head, then self-defense has taken place on the part of the victim driver, and by Pashinsky is ordinary hooliganism with use of weapons. Among the gunsmiths-gentlemen know that it is unacceptable to use weapons for a showdown on the road, even if there was an accident,” wrote Kaplin.

Reference: article 36 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Necessary defense are the actions taken with the purpose of protecting the lawful rights and interests of the person protected, or any other person, and also public interests and interests of the state from socially dangerous encroachment by causing the attacker harm, necessary and sufficient in this situation to immediately prevent or stop abuse, if it was not admitted exceeding the limits of necessary defense”.

“To clarify whether there was excess of limits of necessary defense or disorderly conduct, according to Pashinsky, in any case, it is necessary to hold a public trial. I, of course, in this court will be very interested in the civil use of departmental firearms by civilians,” added Caplin.

Recall, as reported Sergey Pashinsky, New year’s eve he was attacked by a man in the incident in the forest and stabbed him with a bottle, to which the MP replied with a firearm.

In turn, the victim Vyacheslav Himikus, who was shot by nardep, explained that the politician violated the rules of handling weapons, and the bullet accidentally hit in the leg and not the torso.