The expert explained why trump has decided to save Ukraine

Ukraine is beyond the scope of the priorities of the United States and yet uninteresting to us President Donald Trump. This opinion was expressed by “Apostrophe” expert International centre for policy studies (ICPS) Yevgeny Yaroshenko.

As earlier in his campaign speech said trump: “America first.” And it is from this position repel US, by cutting financial assistance to Ukraine, the expert believes.

“Ukraine is not the only country that fell under the spending cuts of the us government. It is important to note that the list of these countries, of which about a hundred, also there is Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and other important U.S. allies. First of all, the reduction will apply to those countries that do not belong to the priorities of the foreign policy of the United States. Ukraine, unfortunately, among those countries which are beyond the scope of priorities. For US the priority is the relationship with those countries that are important trading partners, or the Union which may help to strengthen the national security of the United States. Therefore, Ukraine is uninteresting. From the point of view of American interests. Savings for countries such as Ukraine, is a logical, though unpleasant,” said Yaroshenko.

According to him, Ukraine should cease to expect aid from abroad.

“Ukraine has not yet been able to convey to the administration trump its importance for American interests, are unable to propose the idea of conflict resolution, which would force US to pay more attention to the Ukrainian crisis. In addition, Ukraine needs to stop to count on help from abroad, because now the whole world is trying to defer more resources to their own needs. No more than Ukraine will not be interested in the fact that here we had a state of law, a favourable business environment, efficient state apparatus, and so forth,” – said Yaroshenko.

He also gave a forecast for a vote in the U.S. Senate for a bill for financial assistance to Ukraine.

“This decision has yet to agree on the Senate. I think that there will be a compromise between the US President and the Senate. If cuts will, it is not such a significant amount as described in the project document. But this is only possible if recipient country of international aid insists the reforms”, – concluded the expert.

We will remind, on the eve of the publication Foreign Policy reported that the draft state budget of the USA for the year 2018, issued in March by the Administration of the tramp, provides a reduction of aid to Ukraine by 68.8%.

In turn , the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, explained why the Americans can significantly cut financial assistance to Ukraine. It noted that information on reduction in assistance by 68.8% should be considered taking into account the financial help from Washington to Ukraine in the form of credit guarantees.