TOP 5 most common mistakes in the bench press: tips Anita Lutsenko

Crunches are the most common for those who dream of a flat stomach. But, to get the desired result, exercises must be performed correctly.

Fitness coach Anita Lutsenko called the TOP 5 most common mistakes in the bench press, reports

Improper breathing

Many people during exercises are not watching the breath or doing exercises on the delay. But the exhalation, you need to do, because it affects the operation of the diaphragm. Exhale helps the muscles contract effectively.

Besides that the muscles were working in full force, they need oxygen, without it exercises are not only ineffective, but can harm the cardiovascular system. Happens overheating of the body, rises the pressure will increase the load on the heart, and you will quickly get tired.

It is therefore necessary to inhale during relaxation and exhale during the stress on the rise.

Irregular classes

Most people do exercise regularly because of the pain after a workout! But it is wrong. After an intense workout, muscles are formed tiny damage – tearing of the muscle fibers – this causes discomfort. But again as soon as you begin to exercise, blood circulation increases and muscles leaving damaged cells.

This speeds up the process of recovery and growth. But this is only the case if the pain is easy, not exhausting. If soreness is very strong, i.e. you have not just discomfort, but real pain and difficult to endure, the repeated lesson, it is better to repeat no sooner than 48 hours. If you want to have a flat stomach, then swing the press regularly, at least 3 times a week, preferably every day.

The monotony

Often people perform exercises only for abdominal muscles. This error can even lead to back problems. Since the load is distributed unevenly, some of the muscles are strong and others weak, as a result, you can earn posture or injury.

So be sure to alternate exercises with exercises for legs, buttocks, hands and so on. And be sure to strengthen the back.

This can perform push-UPS during this exercise involved the muscles of the back, and hands, and buttocks, and press inquiries. In addition to push UPS, be sure to do the exercise “Boat” — it is working fine muscles of the back.

The more the better

Quantity should not supersede quality! After all, the main criterion of the correctness of the execution of any exercises is a burning sensation. So what better to do 10 times with a burning sensation than 50 and even 100 without it.

Incorrect load distribution

When the body has a hard, he will try by all means to minimize the load and energy costs. Therefore, performing exercises, people often start to use other muscles.

For example, when you help yourself with hands and neck, that shake not press, and the muscles of the neck. If you overdo it, you can seriously damage the cervical vertebrae and to stretch the neck muscles. Hand in this exercise can be attached to the head, but in any case should not push the back of the head.

In order to avoid this error, try to touch the head of the fingertips, and most of the load to give the abdominal muscles. Also during exercise it is better not to stick out the stomach. Retracting it, you repeatedly enhance the effect of exercise. And yet abdominal muscles to have earned, needs to happen simultaneous raising of the shoulder and knee.

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