International debut EN 132Д and “head of household” Boeing 787: the surprises of Le Bourget air show 2017

France opened one of the most prestigious airshows in the world – Le Bourget (Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2017). Until 25 June, the large-scale exhibition visitors can get acquainted with the technological breakthroughs in the industry, and also to conclude profitable deals. The website “Today” has gathered information about major updates to the Le Bourget.


Photo: Antonov

“Antonov” for the first time at the international level is the Antonov An-132Д, which is the prototype of a promising multipurpose transport aircraft An-132. “This project is implemented by the state enterprise “Antonov” jointly with the partners from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and Taqnia Aeronautics Company,” said the company.

An-132Д will be presented in the program of demonstration flights of the exhibition on 19 and 21 June, as well as on static display.

The aircraft is designed for transportation of wide range of cargoes with weight up to 9.2 t on near− and medium-haul routes. It can perform air-dropping cargo parachute platforms and paratroopers, transporting people, transporting sick and injured in emergency situations. Countries in the Middle East are long-standing partners, “Antonov” an – 132 an interesting Saudi Arabia due to its technical characteristics is the only plane that can take off and land in the sand. The novelty is represented in Ukraine in late March, he flew on the route airport “Svyatoshyn” (Kyiv) – the airport “Kyiv-Antonov” (Hostomel’).

Ukrainian students at Le Bourget

This year just one hundred Ukrainian students attended this prestigious airforum. The trip is their reward for the victory in large-scale educational project “the Aviator 2017”, which for the sixth year in succession by Borys Kolesnikov. One hundred lucky winners among 6500 contestants were selected by an expert jury headed by the legendary aircraft designer Dmitry Kiva.

Traditionally, along with the future of Ukrainian designers to the Paris salon was visited by the President of the Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov. He noted that these trips to the international specialized forums stimulate students to self-development, learning foreign languages, setting the right goals and achieving them. Besides, stay at the 2017 Paris Air Show Le Bourget in business days and career days provide young professionals with an understanding of how key players in the global aviation market, enter into millions of transactions and looking for business partners how to get a dream job and declare themselves to a prospective employer.

“These guys come home and build planes better than we’ve seen here, I don’t doubt it. “The Aviator” gives the opportunity for talented young people to see the latest developments and achievements of the aerospace industry, as well as the understanding that our domestic aviation is not far behind from the world. For the six years of the project it became clear that the crisis passes, but the country needs to support specialists. The crisis we overcome, and these young aviators, I am sure, will become good specialists and to apply the experience gained on me Le Bourget and Farnborough, for the benefit of Ukraine”, – said Boris Kolesnikov.

Young aviators saw presented during the innovations of the world of aircraft and even made a virtual visit to the International space station in the pavilion of Airbus. And yet – visited the stand of the national company “Progresstech Ukraine” and saw the newcomer of the forum – a medium-range cargo aircraft 132D from Antonov.

In addition, as part of a visit to France a hundred winners of the competition also saw the main sights of Paris and visited Disneyland.

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

The plane is the largest representative of the 787 family, which will expand the network of continuous routes opened by the 787-8 and 787-9 models at an unprecedented level of efficiency. The length of the 787-10 more than 18 ft (5.5 m) than the length of the 787-9. The new model will provide a high level of comfort to passengers and flight range increased, like previous members of the family of Dreamliners. The fuel consumption and harmful emissions of new 10% lower than that of competing models.

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner will also perform a demonstration flight at the Paris air show. The first flight took place in March 2017 and to run the plane into commercial operation promise in 2018.

In addition, the exhibition scheduled demonstration flights of the Boeing 737 MAX 9, which made its first test flight in April this year.

Airbus A380plus

Airbus has already presented an improved modification of the world’s largest passenger aircraft in serial production of the A380. Its production cost is 13% cheaper than the first variant of the liner. In the wing structure changes that will improve the aerodynamics of the aircraft and save up to 4% fuel. The designers also improved the cabin, which now can accommodate up to 80 passengers.

Airbus A380 — the first fully double-Decker passenger plane, the largest airliner in the world. Its wingspan of 80 meters and a fuselage length — 73 meters. The cost of the aircraft in standard configuration is $ 320 million. The A380 can make non-stop flights on distance to 15 thousand kilometers, and first went into operation in 2007.

Bombardier CS300


The new product dubbed “the plastic plane” because of the wide application of composites: from flaps, gear, wing, do not force the panels of the fuselage to the cabin. Bombardier said the new PurePower PW1500G engine production, Pratt & Whitney, wings special shape provide up to 20% fuel saving, compared to contemporary competitors (Airbus and Boeing 737NG 320сео).

CS300 have a wide spacious interior and a Luggage rack made in accordance with the requirement of modern conditions of the market for each passenger space for Luggage above the standard.

In addition, CS 300 almost 8 tons lighter Boeing 737-7 MAX, and 6 tons lighter Airbus 319 neo. This, combined with other innovations, helping to get the canadian plane up to 12% savings on operating costs compared to competitors aircraft of the latest generation and 15% prevailing now in the market models.

In the cockpit six monitors, instead of the traditional eight. Management by the handle (joystick), not the helm. There should be a minimum of switches and moving mechanical parts – control systems from the screens of the monitor.

By the way, the Latvian airline airBaltic has already ordered 20 aircraft CS300, which will be completed by the end of 2019.

Embraer E195-E2


The new regional jet of a new generation E195-E2. It is the largest representative of the family of Embraer E-Jet E2, which comes to replace the range of E-Jet. The maximum capacity of the new aircraft will amount to 146 passengers in two-class configuration it will accommodate 120 people. For the family E-Jet E2 has developed new generation engines — geared Pratt & Whitney PW1700G/1900G and created a new wing. Compared with the model E195 E195-E2 will consume 24% less fuel and require 20% less maintenance costs per passenger seat. The manufacturer hopes that this model can partially replace mainline narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737 and A319. The point already made its first flight in March of this year in Brazil.

Japanese planes

Photo: Honda Aircraft Company

The Japanese company will present a small twin-engine aircraft, business class HondaJet HA-420. For the development and production of this model, the car giant has created a special Department, and made it into a separate company – Honda Aircraft Company. The parameters of the jet: up to 6 persons, length of 12.52 meters, a wingspan of 12.2 meters; full height of 4.01 meters; cruising speed of 777 miles per hour; range – 2 000 kilometers. Honda Aircraft plans to ramp up production of its business jet HA-420 HondaJet up to 80 aircraft per year by mid-2019.


Mitsubishi Regional Jet 90 – the first commercial passenger aircraft, provided by the Japanese at the Paris air show for the last 50 years. Regional aircraft designed for 70-90 seats, and it has a range of from 1.5 thousand to 3.4 thousand kilometers, the Aircraft is equipped with PurePower PW1200G engine and allows you to fly to any point within the region.

Military aircraft

The U.S. Department of defense plans to show several platforms Boeing: missile and anti-submarine aircraft P-8A, multi-mission tilt-rotor osprey V-22, assault AH-64 Apache, and heavy transport helicopter CH-47 Chinook.

AH-64 Apache. Photo:

Turkish developers Turkish Aerospace Industries will present military aircraft ANKA – MALE Class UAS, Hurkus Advanced Trainer A/C, Hurkus Light Attack A/C and helicopter T129 ATAK Helicopter.

Space development and virtual reality

In the space sector of the pavilion, Airbus company will showcase a complete range of satellites, including the first all-electric, three-ton class satellite Eutelsat 172B satellite and PerúSAT-1. Guests of the pavilion, Airbus will also be able to make a virtual visit to the International space station and observe how the space tug company is preparing to revolutionize the business of orbital services. At the exhibition we will arrange a unique area with HoloLens holographic dynamic 3D models, including Rover ExoMars crossing of the Red planet.

Pavilion Paris Air Lab will offer the opportunity to explore new ideas and experience the exciting experiences using virtual and augmented reality.